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  1. frostedflakes

    Black Tek Server Pre-Release

    ☝️🤓 bro actually has a point it's 2024 we have LLMs now
  2. frostedflakes

    Anyone else sick of OTC clients?

    Yeah, I found OTC to be hard to work on in general.
  3. frostedflakes

    Lua [SQLite] -=[TFS]=- 0.4 8.60 HOW TO ADD OF ELEMENTS

    can use 1 only use many doCombat for many element
  4. frostedflakes

    Source's custom OT game engine (TypeScriptFTW)

    That's cool as fuck! Are you running this on nodejs? Have you experienced any performance problems yet?
  5. frostedflakes

    Asking for financial assistance

    I know trans people who make close to 6 figures so it's not man vagina that's the problem :D Lmao imagine getting an email from marketing dept with a huge asterisk above the $1000 and immediately assuming it's a concrete offer with no catch whatsoever
  6. frostedflakes

    CipSoft's "Creator" software (Map Editor and more)

    Knightmare's maps certainly have fleshed out lore and fit perfectly into Tibia but come on there's a bunch of OT maps that are wayyyy better than CipSoft could ever do.
  7. frostedflakes

    [Bug] TFS 1.4+ InitDamage attribute in fields doesn't work properly.

    The files didn't leak "somehow", we know exactly what happened, someone social engineered Cips hoster and pretty much typed tar -czfv game.tar . in the home directory and rsynced the file or so the story goes. But I can't find any evidence that Zanera was some experimental world at that time, it...
  8. frostedflakes

    Best engine for 8.6?

    It's ridiculous noobs in every thread be like tAkE tHe DoWNgrAdeD TfS and yet noone is actually hosting servers on those Well guess what I tried these and you basically have a 10.98 ots that you can connect with a 8.6 client with, thats it, you actually have to make it behave correctly, gl hf
  9. frostedflakes

    Custom Map

    Looks cool but the cities are tinyyy
  10. frostedflakes

    2022 and Paypal is still doing it

    Sorry I'm tired and sleepy but he clearly got them from running kasteria??
  11. frostedflakes

    2022 and Paypal is still doing it

    OT I know but good thing about English is that they/them/their is completely nongendered and applicable to any human no matter what nonsense they identify as
  12. frostedflakes

    RevScripts Protection by % based on a storage value.

    I'm a JavaScript dev but shouldn't it be ec = EventCallback() so you call the constructor and actually instantiate the object before registering the callback? I'd assume without the parens you're just referring to the constructor itself and not your new EventCallback instance Like this: local...
  13. frostedflakes

    Recommendations for building a 7.4 custom map server

    I'm a 8.x guy but if you held a nine to my head and told me to pick one I'd probably go with Nostalrius 7.7 (https://otland.net/threads/nostalrius-7-7.262406/) Maybe there's something on the forum already but many old grounds are still in game and you should be able to hack in the other ones...
  14. frostedflakes

    New: What song are you listening to thread

    something like this
  15. frostedflakes

    Recommendations for building a 7.4 custom map server

    I don't think there's a reason to go with 7.4, correct me if I'm wrong but most resources will be for 7.7 and it's not that far away from 7.4 mechanics wise. Just put the old sprites in and fake it, 7.4 is so old it couldn't even do DX9 or OpenGL yet, and tbh old Cip clients run like absolute...
  16. frostedflakes

    No grind only play

    It's also an advantage if PvP go down and your opp start hitting like a truck slap you around like some bitch. n00b should've clicked slimes for 1200 hours Yeah but there's no other way of achieving them except making the numbers higher. I like the system of getting better at something the more...
  17. frostedflakes

    No grind only play

    You can never skill and just exp too, but I found it pretty frustrating especially on lower levels, having decent skills from the start felt good and made quite a difference in damage. At your friend's level my EK had its skills at 100+ IIRC, a pretty big advantage I gained through pure mind...
  18. frostedflakes

    No grind only play

    Grindy or not will depend on required investment and incentives. It's fun collecting 100 of each food in game because you want a food collection, it's not fun when you have to collect 100 of whatever bullshit from bullshit monsters with bullshit drop rates to finally get your addon; It's fun...
  19. frostedflakes

    No grind only play

    One more thing, what version to diverge at. 7.1? 8.0? 8.6? 10.98? The later the more content you have but I'm not gonna lie the old versions hit different. Although I think you can make 10.98 feel like 7.1 but not the other way around so I could port some sprites and you get both, at least visually
  20. frostedflakes

    Practicing React with Typescript

    hey kids you wanna smoke some 3d GitHub - pmndrs/react-three-fiber: 🇨🇭 A React renderer for Three.js (https://github.com/pmndrs/react-three-fiber)