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  1. Tyson12302

    How to change NPC offers

    I want the NPC to sell items for a item and not gold coins What do i have to change so he can sell an item for a item that i have? local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) local talkState = {} function...
  2. Tyson12302

    A way to expand picture when clicked on?

    I made my Screenshot Themebox and it shows the picture, but its too small. How can i make it so when i click on it, it will open a bigger version like has?
  3. Tyson12302

    Field vote does not exist in data / is not loaded.

    I made a poll and whenever i click on "vote now" i get this error message. Error occured! Error ID: ObjectData::getCustomField - Field vote does not exist in data / is not loaded. More info: File: C:\Users\Tyson\Desktop\UniServer\UniServerZ\www\classes/objectdata.php Line: 52 File...
  4. Tyson12302

    Solved How do i move this Image to the right?

    I want the Featured Article to look like on the real But the image is under my writing. I want to be on the right side. How can i do that? //featured article $news_content .= ' <div id="news" class="Box"> <div class="Corner-tl"...
  5. Tyson12302

    VIP Status bug at Website

    I used Gesior 0.3.6 and i've added VIP Status to the website everything is fine. But the thing is that i have to buy the VIP twice for it to appear that i'm VIP on the website. If i buy it once it will just stay as NOT VIP. How can i fix this
  6. Tyson12302

    VIP Status in Character List.

    I've been looking and i couldn't find any solutions. Can i change it from Premium Days to VIP Days?
  7. Tyson12302

    (Geisor) Tibiacom News Ticker missing?

    I been looking at forums for such a long time and i tried all but the News Ticker still doesn't appear. Here are my codes/scripts newsticker.js // status of the news ticker entries (0 = closed / 1 = open) state = new Array("0", "0", "0", "0", "0"); function TickerAction(id) { var line =...
  8. Tyson12302

    Whats the difference between SHA1 and PLAIN?

    So i just figured out that my website only makes Plain passwords. And it would be hard for me to change all pass to SHA1. So i think im going to be using Plain from now on. So what is the difference. I only have access to my database. It is 100% protected so noone can really hack in. What else...
  9. Tyson12302

    How do i add the "Server Offline" option?

    I've changed around my layout.php and now everything works fine but when my server is offline it still says 0 Players Offline instead of saying "Server Offline" I tried adding echo '<font color="red"><b>Server<br />OFFLINE</b></font>'; But i don't know where. Where can i add it without moving...
  10. Tyson12302

    It states "Server Offline" When the Server is Online

    i found out that it takes very long for it to update. any ideas to make it instant?
  11. Tyson12302

    How do i hide Vocation Samples?

    I've looked around and found this code. But the samples are still in my highscores. How can i fix this? <?php $disabledCharacters = array( 'sorcerer sample', 'druid sample', 'paladin sample', 'knight sample' ); if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; $list = 'experience'...
  12. Tyson12302

    Solved Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails

    When i import this query i get this error ( Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails) Here is what i import INSERT INTO `players` (`id`, `name`, `world_id`, `group_id`, `account_id`, `level`, `vocation`, `health`, `healthmax`, `experience`, `lookbody`, `lookfeet`...
  13. Tyson12302

    How do i add Shop Offers?

    I want to add Shop offers but i don't know how. Heres the script <?PHP // ALTER TABLE `z_shop_history_item` CHANGE `offer_id` `offer_id` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL; // UPDATE `z_shop_history_item`, `z_shop_offer` SET `z_shop_history_item`.`offer_id` = `z_shop_offer`.`offer_name` WHERE...
  14. Tyson12302

    Moderator/Admin on GesiorWebsite

    I've changed from Znote AAC to Gesior AAC. And im facing alot of problems. The first thing is that when im installing the AAC on Step 5 it says "Set Admin Account" is that the account that i will use to be the Admin/Moderator of the Website? When im all done whenever i try and post news it says...
  15. Tyson12302

    Why doesn't IPN.PHP doesnt work on my website?

    When i type in my browser "myserver.ipn.php" it comes up with a white screen why is this? Here is my ipn.php <?php if (gethostbyaddr($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) !== '') { exit(); } // Require the functions to connect to database and fetch config values...
  16. Tyson12302

    VIP Status on Website Znote AAC?

    I've looked around for a VIP Status for my website for Znote AAC on Characterprofile, and i only saw some for other AACs is there any for Znote AAC? Thanks
  17. Tyson12302

    Znote AAC Website Youtube Video on News Section

    I made a video for my server and now i want to put that video on my website so people can watch it straight from my website. But it comes up with the URL of the link instead of the video itself. Heres a pic How can i make it so it comes with the video instead of the URL.
  18. Tyson12302

    Is there any Live Countdown scripts for Znote AAC?

    I'm getting closer to finishing my server and i would love to know if there's any Live Countdown for the news on the website! Thanks
  19. Tyson12302

    RME Ramp Problem

    I've trying to put a ramp on the RME 2.2 version but when i go ingame it wont let me go upstairs, but it does let me go downstairs. Here is how it looks like in the RME. What am i doing wrong?
  20. Tyson12302

    Sub page not recognized.

    I get this error when i click on "online players" on the website. Here is my sub.php <?php /* Znote AAC Sub System - Used to create custom pages - Place the contents of the page in /layout/sub/ folder. : You don't need to include init, header or footer. Its already taken care of, just write...