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  1. kamioool

    Linux Avesta NPC Error

    maybe paste some code ...
  2. kamioool

    Which temple do you guys like more?

    venore themes is much better
  3. kamioool

    Phpmyadmin security issue

    You need to change the location of access to phpmyadmin. Do you use some ready server ? XAMPP? UNISERV? Check this link, or give me name of the server . I will try to help you.
  4. kamioool

    ObjectBuilder [10.32]

    u using 0.2.9 ver?
  5. kamioool

    ObjectBuilder [10.32] and why u dont check github for actually version link?
  6. kamioool

    Outfits for vocation
  7. kamioool

    [SOLVED]Terrible graphical bugs

    This bug has been fixed. Probably u try using the old build version. Try to use this compilation: otclinet + all dlls Download:
  8. kamioool

    Solved RME Spawns problem

    make sure in yours editor you have selected options "show creatures" should be in "View" tab
  9. kamioool

    Solved Spell Creation Problem

    When u testing spells never use for that god access because it can not work properly. Do it always on normal account player.
  10. kamioool

    Remove stackable from item

    Try this item edtor - is many fixes hare: Sometimes it is also necessary to edit .dat file from client.
  11. kamioool

    Checking the RSA Key

    I think this impossible without unpack cliecnt. Myśle że nie uda sie bez rozpkaowanie klienta, najprotszym sposobem który przychodzi mi teraz do głowy to rozpakowanie klienta a nastepnie otwarcie plikow dat/spr przez program Object Builder:
  12. kamioool

    More than one house per account
  13. kamioool

    [REQUEST] Website for OTServ 7.6 (XML)

    Forgget webserver, its old :> If u know how install apache + php + mysql without any installer. If u dont know best is xampp, im use xampp :>
  14. kamioool

    Percentage chance?

    @bybbzan U want give a more item in at one time? You want to have every item separately chances being drawn. So as the monsters loot in Tibia? Or you want to give away a 100% chance. Item No. 1 - 10% from 90% left Item No. 1 - 25% from 65% left Item No. 1 - 5% from 60% left
  15. kamioool

    Percentage chance?

    We randomly select a number from 1 - 100 And set the range. if (rand <= 10) then -- if we randomly 1-10 (10% chance) If the number is less than or equal to. For example, If you will draw the number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 - We give the object from the array at index 1 elseif (rand > 30) and...
  16. kamioool

    Spamming error

    Should improve the script. If u post code i try help u.
  17. kamioool

    [REQUEST] Website for OTServ 7.6 (XML)
  18. kamioool

    [REQUEST] Website for OTServ 7.6 (XML)

    Change php tag from <? to <?php or enable short tags in php.ini
  19. kamioool

    Percentage chance?

    Quickly written code local donations = {9969, 9932, 7735, 22409, 22415, 22403, 2352, 21696, 22424, 21707, 21706, 21692, 21725} function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local random = math.random(1, 100) -- we randomly number from 1-100 if (rand <= 10) then -- if we randomly...
  20. kamioool

    [REQUEST] Website for OTServ 7.6 (XML) If u want i can make translate on english for u :>