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  1. Sinth

    The greatest music/video you've seen this decade

    Really had to pass this shit on because.. it's the greatest shit i've heard this decade What's your 1(!) and only tip to pass on to the next generation of mortals? :)
  2. Sinth

    OTLand Facebook-group!

    Hiho mortals! This is a request to the Gods of OTLand! I cannot(I could, but it's not my place to do it IMO) do this myself as I am no staff-member here: Facebook-group. Create it! .. let anyone post on the wall(with some basic rules against spam, extreme/poor advertising etc...
  3. Sinth

    Epic idea of using the "Cityguard" in War between guilds(and/or regions ;) ) (lua programming?)

    So, maybe you've heard i'm going to try to host a server where we are not going to use the skullsystem. As it is now, though, cityguards attack whiteskulls(even though their damage is severly nerfed, and its impossible to get redskull). But, what if, each city/region have their own cityguard...
  4. Sinth

    Tibia as a single-player, LAN and multiplayer game?

    Stumbled over a thread/map where someone had made a DoTA style map.. and have been thinking about this about 1000 hours before that :P Has anyone ever attempted/made a finished version of a "game"/client that you just download and play? I mean, either put the stuff(uniserver/xamp, tfs, client)...
  5. Sinth

    Solved Setting an object/tree/tile as 'looktype'

    How? :( Want to have a creature looking like a tree(example). And, why doesn't editing item.otbm work in so many ways? Like editing tiles walkability etc. Is it connected to something in the client? Example: Can't make 'void' walkable, can't put lighting on tiles etc. Only been using what...
  6. Sinth

    Remeres2.2 - MAJOR bug or sabotaged map?

    The errors popping up while opening my map: There's nothing special about the tile mentioned, but, the map is cut off, dimensions are correct but everything outside of this is deleted So, I've had 3 power-cuts today and that's about it when it comes to things being stranger today than...
  7. Sinth

    Big thread for replacements to AoL/Blessings - new systems for same purpose(TFS036 8.6)

    Gday mates! So, I'm looking for a replacement for the Amulet of Loss. What i'm thinking is: Why not have a Ring of Loss? Or a Ammo-Slot-Item-of-Loss? The problem ofcourse is that I want to use the Amulet-Slot for something more.. with the AoL all high-lvls will have an AoL and then 1 out of...
  8. Sinth

    OT 5v5 Team-Tournament - 100$ MONTHLY, 5vs5 tournament, free entry! 1000$ Dollar in Prices 2016!

    Hiho mortals! So, during the Fall 2016 I will be hosting $$ cash games in the format of 'Team-tournaments' and 'race for highest-lvl'. I alone will fund the prizes and the tournament and 'race for highest lvl' is 100% free for any OTLand members. All you need to do for registration is reply...
  9. Sinth

    POLL: What magic-system do you prefer?

    What is your prefered spellsystem on Tibia/OT? As always, you're supposed to pick your 3 favorite spell"systems" and not just 1.
  10. Sinth

    Best downloadable, free and safe bot for 8.6?

    Yoho What is the best downloadable, free and safe bot for 8.6? Elfbot? I'm totally clueless on this, any help is much appreciated!
  11. Sinth

    [France] Argardh : Knights of Tibia 19 DECEMBER 18:00 CET

    IP: Port: 7171 Client: 8.6 First and last LAUNCH: DECEMBER 19 2016 Rates: Experience: 8 x -> Declining in stages ("Max-level" around 150-200). Skill: 5x Magic: 3x SKILL x10, Magic x 6 and Loot 300% From December 19 to Jan 2! REGISTER Download (Tibia Client 8.6, Otland...
  12. Sinth

    Houses and Guildhalls/Castles built by players. Walls, fortifications.. .siege-weapons etc.

    Hoho Is there or have there been any projects that have tried to create a server/client where players can build their own houses? Perhaps not player-built houses, but what about guildhalls with Walls that require siege-weapons or something similar to take down.. anyone ever heard of it here...
  13. Sinth

    Argardh Lore, Mythology and History (Video-series)

    Plenty more will come, entire Lore, Mythology and History of Argardh will be posted here in video-format. Like and Share!
  14. Sinth

    The big creation-inspiration thread. Share inspiration for creativity!

    Gdaevning mates. Need inspiration to do some creation? Look no further - this thread is your new best friend.
  15. Sinth

    The big Bitcoin-thread / Bitcoin price and news

    So, thought we should have 1 big thread for Bitcoin that we can help eachother out to keep updated with: Price/Value News Related News such as development of other currencies and projects like Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Edit: I'll also try to give an introduction to Bitcoin(Have a few, was going...
  16. Sinth

    Argardh: Knights of Tibia - BETA - Preview: Introduction, Media and Discussion Thread

    Unsure how much this thread will be used / updated.. I will most likely not keep it up-to-date as long as the advertisement-thread is alive and well. Serious/bigger Development discussions about the world, server, game etc should still be taken in this thread though Advertisement-Thread...
  17. Sinth

    Argardh mapping: The Worldforge, Castles and Landscapes

    OTLand Beta-Thread for 'Argardh:Knights of Tibia': The Worldforge Where everyone is first created and then re-incarnated. To the left is the Realm of Argardh. The 7...
  18. Sinth

    POLL: What vocation-system do you prefer?

    The question is simple: What is your favourite vocation "system" on an Open Tibia server? Wheter or not it is a custom client, what version of Tibia/TFS, custom map or not is irrelevant(not the question).
  19. Sinth

    Any experienced hosters out there that have some knowledge to spare on some subjects?

    Any experienced hosters/developers out there that have some knowledge to spare on these subjects? I wonder mainly on what is the best way to start and establish a serious OT-server. Having an open-beta and launch that is massively advertised is a must, yes? Isn't this in many cases the most...
  20. Sinth

    Best Shoot-em-Up game?

    Zup peeps What's your fav shoot-em-up? That is PREFERABLY free and downloadable.. I got Quake 2 a couple of month back but it's a bit too easy and too much labyrinth shit. Any Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament like games that's being played online btw(free)?