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  1. Vingart

    Naruto-based sprites

    Hey, here I am going to show my sprites based on naruto recent work old pack scenery *PS:The scenery was not totally done by me, and are still incomplete, but I still want to show them to try to show how I would adapt the world of naruto inside the tibia
  2. Vingart

    Slow Animation of Tiles

    Hello, I would like to know how to reduce the delay in changing the frames of the items in otc 8.6, I added a water sprite on my server with 16 frames of animation, but it is very slow, I would like to accelerate, how do I do this?
  3. Vingart

    Vingart ShowOFF

    Hello guys, this is my showOFF, enjoy xD SAO spr Naruto SPRs Other
  4. Vingart

    Biohazard Sprites

    (Rebecca Chambers) (Nemesis) (Tyrant)
  5. Vingart

    Vingart's Gallery

    Hello members Otland, I bring to you my art. I hope you enjoy. [Free-ART] My avatar (not yet finalized) [Monsters] [Items] [Others] Rikudou Sennin V1 - Necronia Sprite - -Fairy Tail Online- I'll be updating my gallery, I hope everyone commenting. Thank you.