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  1. Wolfenrir

    Windows How i can decomp

    How i can decomp a GFX file from an old client of Zezenia?
  2. Wolfenrir

    tfs 10.20

    where a i found a tfs protocol 10.20 with sources/datapack?
  3. Wolfenrir

    [Request] TFS 1.0 Reborn NPC

    need a NPC that only the zero level of the character, and add an amount of hp / mp and a new vocation . also need a npc that replace xxxx item for xxxx mount.
  4. Wolfenrir

    Quest Log

    How to quests in the quest log ?
  5. Wolfenrir

    Selling Wote, The New Frontier, Children Revolution

    Selling Wote, The New Frontier, Children Revolution, Real Global Missions 100% With: Zao Full.otb --- RL POSITION Quests.log 100% 100% Tested 3x I open my server for test.. I'll put more pictures here soon as I get home. Only 2x Copys Wrath...
  6. Wolfenrir

    Buying best PokeOT with sources!

    I buying cool OT Poke with sources to compile in linux.
  7. Wolfenrir

    Linux Help compilling

    What solve this? [IMG][IMG/]
  8. Wolfenrir

    Linux how to solve this error?

    image view... - - - Updated - - - bump...
  9. Wolfenrir

    Windows PgSQL

    How to make my server in postgre sql?
  10. Wolfenrir

    Linux Backup with week

    How to make my mysql server to make automatic backup?
  11. Wolfenrir

    Linux Help-me on this error compiling linux ubuntu

    [email protected]:~/otserver/trunk# ./ The Forgotten Server build script - Using ccache CCache binaries located in /usr/lib/ccache Start building on 4 cores, using 5 processes make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop. [email protected]:~/otserver/trunk# ./ -bash...
  12. Wolfenrir

    How to downgred tfs?

    How do I change the tfs version 8.6 to tibia version 8.57?