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  1. Kaorus

    Cassino House Scammer

    Beware with: Marcinoss Bruno Palladyn He have this house in Ankrahmun: It belongs to house 'Thrarhor I a'. Marcinoss owns this house. He stole me 60cc
  2. Kaorus

    Solved Problem with RME

    Hello! I have a problem with the RME 2.2v, and asking me to look for folders and tibia.spr tibia.dat;'s meeting and again asked me that look, the look back and I repeated the same problem
  3. Kaorus

    Para los que fueron usuarios de otfusión o eotfans o OTSH

    Que fue de ustedes? Yo empecé a participar de servidores como a los 13 años y ya han pasado 7 años o.o Actualmente voy en 4º año de Licenciatura en Quimica y Farmacia (En mexico creo que se les llama Quimico Farmaceutico Biologo y en otros paises, farmaceuticos (aunque creo que farmaceuticos se...
  4. Kaorus

    Dude for a npc

    Is it possible to create a npc with the following characteristics? The NPC will be assigned a mission the player must find an item and bring it. If the player completes the mission, the player can talk to the NPC to travel to other places. The NPC is very similar to Jack Fate (a cipsoft NPC)...
  5. Kaorus

    Unleash Dreams (ojala, el regreso o.o); Test Map

    Aca hay unas fotos de una cueva de dwarf :B Seguire subiendo fotos, ya que otland no me permite subir mas de 5 por post :( Bueno, la cueva de dwarf la probe, para ver como seria una hunt en ella y obtuve lo siguiente; money = 5300 iron ore = 7 = 7k Battle Shield = 11 = 990 Battle Hammer = 5 =...
  6. Kaorus

    Por que los paises arabes odian a USA Por que USA tiene una langosta iraqui
  7. Kaorus

    Otland Group Look :B
  8. Kaorus

    Mr. Burns is voting Romney
  9. Kaorus

    FREE MUDKIPZ FOR ALL, look this thread

    I am a student of sixth semester of chemistry and pharmacy at the University of Chile. And we're at an event, in which those with more "like" on facebook, win free liquor for an entire day. They are 5 alliances, but this is the best, we are already in the middle of the race and would be a good...
  10. Kaorus

    Hi o.o!

    Hello! Some time working on a project called Unleash Dreams, which unfortunately died by formatting the computer. Now retired more than three years, I decided to return (The reason is that between the University and will put me off time, I did not believe that the health classes take so...
  11. Kaorus

    Unleash Dremas 2.0v

    Despues de que cagara el servidor anterior (formateo del computador sin respaldar), he decidido volver, con este trabajo;
  12. Kaorus

    Player die and dont lost the aol

    I have a problem, my players die, but dont lost the aol ._.
  13. Kaorus

    Nope, Chuck Testa

  14. Kaorus

    How can add skull to the monsters?

    How can add skull to the monsters, in TFS 0.3.6 pl1 o.o?I use flag skull and skulls and nothing ._.
  15. Kaorus

    Freddie for a day!

    Queen - Live At Wembley Stadium (Exclusive stream) - YouTube OSOM! ^_^
  16. Kaorus

    Windows RME Crash with Otserv 8.7

    It will explain the problem to them; A map unloads 8.6 and I put to edit and arrange mistakes, with a RME, which, it forms the preference of the client. There imports the .dat and the .spr of tibia 8.7, the problem is that it could open it to the beginning, but later already it could not open...
  17. Kaorus

    Summon with talkaction

    elseif pokemon.x.spell == "Double Team" then doCreatureSay(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1], ""..string.upper(c[getCreatureOutfit(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]).lookType].x.spell).."!", TALKTYPE_MONSTER) doCreatureSay(cid, ""..getCreatureName(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]).."...
  18. Kaorus

    Test de inteligencia

    1) Busquen un papel y un lápiz 2) Vean el video 3) Anoten sus respuestas Tabla: 5 Puntos: Idiota IQ menor a 100 20 Puntos: Normal IQ igual a 100 45 Puntos: Superdotado IQ mayor a 140 60 Puntos: Genio IQ mayor a 175 Diganme como les fue :D
  19. Kaorus

    Bienvenido a la Universidad!

    Muchas veces, uno antes de entrar a la universidad, se pregunta, como sera el vivir del universitario, pues, como buena personas, aqui tienen una pequeña pauta, de lo que se les viene encima (si es que llegan :D). -No hay mejor cama, que unir dos bancas y poner tu mochila de almohada -Te...
  20. Kaorus

    Team Unleash Dreams

    Hello! The Project Unleash Dreams team needs, that is stressful for one person is doing everything. Well, I'm Kaorus, I design maps (Mapper) We need: CD Job 001 Scripter 1/3 002 Webmaster 0/3 003 Designer 0/3 004 Custom Client 0/1 (to create the client, etc.) 005 Hoster ?/1 (you hosted...