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  1. snabbspin

    Searching for Ot client Designer

    Hello i'm searching for someone to Design my ot-client there is of course a pay job are you interested and have any ideas let me know by send me some screens of your projects contact trough discord:Mr Tjock #6716 or otland Payments trough Bitcoin/Paypal
  2. snabbspin

    7.4 Mapper (Pay Job)

    Searching for a 7.4 Mapper for a project me and my friends started. 2 years ago we are searching for you that have been mapping for at least 3-4 years Please send me a private message and tell me about you and show me what you done if you have any pictures Money = 5 Euro /h (Friday Saturday...
  3. snabbspin

    Custom Client Edit

    is there someone that knows how to remove this from the client? i'm offering a good amount of money for this.