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  1. demon47

    Hansihinter's Mapping Thread

    oh no, Reign of Darkness, played here 1year ago or smth and got ip banned hahahaha
  2. demon47

    Peroxide's Real-Map Project

  3. demon47


    I do
  4. demon47

    [SWEDEN] RealFeel 10.37 | Medium-rates | Events| Spells 50% exchaust |

    instead of talking bullshit against each other it wasnt even worth it cause it's offline already.
  5. demon47

    [USA] RulaxOT RL MAP 10.41 + Roshamuul

    haha delete this post please, it's offline this ot
  6. demon47

    [Sweden] Iridia RPG | Real Map | 10.41 | 24/7

    GG! server offline already hahahahahahaha =)
  7. demon47

    Lua npchandler.lua error.

    Hello everyone in my console i get a error from npchandler.lua :data/npc/lib/npcsystem/npchandler.lua:455: in function 'onCreatureSay' Somebody can help me? thanks. :) Here is npchandler.lua:
  8. demon47

    Rosha NPCs

    Need fully working Eruaran npc also
  9. demon47

    killinginthenameof Not Working

    Me too, got the same problem over here.
  10. demon47

    [10.77][TFS 1.2] ORTS, a real map project

    Where is download link ?
  11. demon47

    [Poll] Suggested changes

    If this change i will quit for sure!
  12. demon47

    [10.31][TFS 1.0] "EvoRPG by Zbizu" v5

    I think somebody doesn't understand it;P its "localhost" man and not 'online'
  13. demon47

    [10.31][TFS 1.0] "EvoRPG by Zbizu" v5

    I live in Belgium, it has security protection, i only can play localhost but can't setup a server by police. Thats why ^^
  14. demon47

    [10.31][TFS 1.0] "EvoRPG by Zbizu" v5

    Its sqlite? or Mysql like everything else... if mysql make it sqlite please so i can localhost! :)
  15. demon47

    [10.31] The Forgotten Server 1.0 (#915)

    Please make it on Sqlite & i'm happy ^^
  16. demon47

    [10.31][TFS 1.0] "EvoRPG by Zbizu" v5

    New mount walking? :)
  17. demon47

    Compiling MVS 2013 + Libraries + boost TFS 1.0 Protocol 10.21

    Nah, you just need to add the dlls in your computer like in system32 for people didn't know, thats why it didn't work by me anyways! :)
  18. demon47

    Solved Addon doll "enter the correct name!"

    Thank you! It worked! :)
  19. demon47

    Solved Addon doll "enter the correct name!"

    Hello, i added the outfit Cave Explorer to my script and if i use ingame !addon Cave Explorer it says: 23:11 enter the correct name! here is my script function onSay(cid, words, param) local itemid = 8982 -- the items id for addon doll local msg = {"enter the correct name!", "You no have the...