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  1. SamX

    Change OTClient .dat/.spr

    Hi, I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the .dat/.spr codes for specific client versions in OTClient. I'm talking about these values: dat="44BA" spr="583D78E9" otb="57" If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks
  2. SamX

    Gamemaster VoltageOT | Partner & Community Manager [Paid Position]

    Hello, Let me introduce myself - my name is Sam and I am the sole developer for VoltageOT. I am busy in real life, and therefor I am hiring a partner/community manager to help out with the server. The server is nearly complete, there are some bugs and testing to be done but most of the server...
  3. SamX

    Trainers in-game or offline trainers?

    Which do you prefer?
  4. SamX

    Travel PC

    So I'm looking for a decent priced laptop for when I'm travelling. Will only be used for browsing, maybe a little OT work. No hosting or anything. Looking for something light with decent battery life and not super slow. Open to the tablet/pc ones or traditional laptop. Preferably around ~$500
  5. SamX

    C++ Effects keep repeating

    Hi, On my server when I add new effects they continue to repeat until the player leaves the screen. An example of this is critical hit. See this image: When I attack a monster with a item equipped with critical hit it will keep repeating until the player leaves the screen. It also happens...
  6. SamX

    Linux Running windows.exe

    Hello, I'm trying to run my windows exe on my VPS. I followed this guide: How to run TFS OTServ compiled for Windows · DevelopersPL/otshosting-provisioning Wiki · GitHub However, when using "wineconsole theforgottenserver.exe" I get these errors: Application tried to create a window, but no...
  7. SamX

    AAC Hiding news tickers

    Hello, I am using the changelog system for news tickers on my website. The issue I am having is the tickers show up on every page. I'd like them to only show on the front page (the news page). Is there a way to make the function check if it's on the news page? Here is changelogs from...
  8. SamX

    Webdesigner Looking for website coder with basic design skills

    Hello, I am looking for someone to help me with my website. The website is already coded for the most part, and the design is mostly finished. I need someone to make the website overall look nicer. Mainly will be cleaning up pages (characters, high scores etc) and then some changes to the...
  9. SamX

    Programmer In-game shop system

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to create a fully working in-game shop system using tibia coins. Players should be able to transfer points from the website into the shop, and should be able to transfer certain items in-game into coins via an NPC. I'm using TFS 1.2. If you are capable of doing...
  10. SamX

    Lua Boat NPC - taking money from bank

    Hey, For some reason I can't figure out why the NPC won't send the player to the new location if the player does not have gold on them. It gives me the message saying "Removed xxx from bank account." but does not send the player to the destination. Works fine if player has gold in backpack...
  11. SamX

    Custom sprites causing debug

    Hey, I can't figure out for the life of me why this is happening: Certain custom sprite creatures are causing a client debug only when opening the battle window in-game. This doesn't happen with all creatures, only a couple of them. Does anyone have any ideas why? Maybe there's something more...
  12. SamX

    Team VoltageOT - staff recruitment

    Mapping Showoff Thread Staff Recruitment Hello, I am looking for some team members to help out with Voltage OT. The server is coming along nicely but I am very busy in real life and could definitely use some help to complete it. I am looking for people who are in this for the long run. With...
  13. SamX

    Solved Znote AAC - error at login

    I'm getting the following error when trying to login on my website. Using latest version of Znote from Github. string(183) "SELECT `a`.`secret` AS `secret`, `za`.`secret` AS `znote_secret` FROM `accounts` AS `a` INNER JOIN `znote_accounts` AS `za` ON `a`.`id` = `za`.`account_id` WHERE...
  14. SamX


    I'm getting the following error when trying to login with MySQL: [Error - mysql_store_result] Query: SELECT `id`, `name`, `password`, `secret`, `type`, `premdays`, `lastday` FROM `accounts` WHERE `name` = '123456' Message: Unknown column 'secret' in 'field list' I added the column "secret"...
  15. SamX

    Webdesigner Looking for a website coder

    Hello, I am looking for someone to turn a .psd file into a fully working website using Znote AAC. If you are interested in this, please PM me and we can discuss prices!
  16. SamX

    Tibia 11 Released

    Tibians, we are thrilled to announce that Tibia 11, the brand-new version of the stand-alone client, has been officially released today! Tibia 11.0 comes along with a launcher to install and update the client more conveniently. Most importantly, though, we have completely revamped the technical...
  17. SamX

    VoltageOT is looking for help

    Server Information VoltageOT is a teleport-based medium rate server with aspects of RPG. It is based on TFS 1.2 and uses client 10.90. We try to revolve much of our server around thoughtful quests, mysteries and the fun aspects of Tibia we used to all love while still creating that medium rate...
  18. SamX

    Website development

    Hi, Looking for someone experienced with website development. I need some recommendations on what software to start with for a future business endeavor. I want the following features: Easy to add new content Easy to SEO Ability to add a marketplace in the future A little about the website...
  19. SamX

    VoltageOT | Mapping Showoff

    Welcome to VoltageOT | Mapping Showoff Thread This thread is dedicated to mapping showoff for VoltageOT. A shoutout to @BUMP and @shirako for their amazing work on some of these maps. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Thi
  20. SamX

    The workout thread: personal training advice

    Hello OTLanders, Sitting around the computer all day can make you gain a little weight. Perhaps you want to change the way you look but you don't know how to start. I've created this thread to answer any questions you may have and also give advice on working out as well as nutrition. A little...