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    Windows Simones Map Editor 0.5.9 (9.31) Map Import problem

    Could someone help me with this error? Could not open the file. File does not exist or is locked. (im trying to merge 2 maps together)
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    [Linux] Compiling latest source code on Ubuntu 11.04

    Hello, i just tried to compile the latest source that i got from the SVN "tags" repo. Could someone please help me figure this problem out? i've only got this problem compiling TFS, Not with OTServ itself. make[1]: Entering directory...
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    What games do you like?

    well.. actualy i do this poll because i wanna know how you people feel about other games.. from a - z like rpgs.. shooters.. strategy? i like RPG/Shooter and strategy.. depents what kind of :P
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    gamemaster account isnt working..

    actualy what i say is.. i changed my Gamemaster chars Groupid.. to 2..and it still says. cannot execute command whats wrong?