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  1. Kanakashy

    Draw Yourself, Otlander.

    The picture says it all. This is some way to get to know eachother. No skills needed to do this, have fun.
  2. Kanakashy

    Otland master legend has returned once again

    KANAKASHY I have came back from the dead. Not even the most powerfull hammer in human existance could harm me, because I am immortal. Behold otlanders! YOUR TRUE KING HAS RETURNED I came back.
  3. Kanakashy

    We will have a nice 2011

    I have been doing some research, since I love to read astronomy stuffs, and this is what I found out, as much people are saying this is the second coming, and it's not going to be funny and these data are the real stuff, but im not sure if it will cause us some planetary disorder or not. My...
  4. Kanakashy

    Bogart Campain

    Im not jealous or anything, but this bogart campain for president is non-sense and useless and it should be stop spreading to prevent future flaming bye
  5. Kanakashy

    Gaming [Kanakashy] @Runescape

    This will be my official gameplay thread in which i'll upload recents activities and so. Thread Rules applies to this and all my other threads: 1. No flame 2. No hate 3. No troll 4. No pedantics Username: Shiyokamaru March 11 wandering in camelot, thinking what to do in these Double XP days..
  6. Kanakashy

    Gaming [Kanakashy] @Minecraft

    so i'll just post ramdom pics and Discuss. This is my First Official play, in which I made my very very house I took long trying to figure out how I made the 3x3 workshop, bcuz I didn't google it. So this spider idk how he made it but he filtered somewhere in my house & almost killed me...
  7. Kanakashy

    [Kanakashy] Happy New Year

    ~0 ~)~)`0!)100~)010`0~ Happy New Years guise Enjoy My FireWorks! & I made thread first mashuahuhasuhasuh bcuz I know there will be someone who will maek another thread & Im here to stop the samefasggin.
  8. Kanakashy

    Best Transformice Chat Ever

    I was just trying to troll these guys lol Quote your Favorite line: [Alexhunn] anyone get anything for christmas? [Mumma] wow [Technodragon] how do u do that [Cheessssus] not mee [Kanakashy] I GOT A PREGNANT GIRL [Technodragon] omg [Kanakashy] IT IS LEGIT? [Kanakashy] AF WAT DO [Kanakashy] GUYS...
  9. Kanakashy

    Selling Pokemon Online BR Level 21!

    Quick Review cuz im in a bit hurry, If im missing something reply here: Name: Itzcuzimblack Pokemons: Ratticate, Rattata, Pidgey, Bellsprout, Zubat, Weddle, Caterpie, Poliwag Cash: Over 200$ and 300$ in items Premium Before: Yes Addons: Chrismas Event, Fishermen, Business Man Price...
  10. Kanakashy

    [Advanced Request Thread]

    I made this thread to post all my request Instead of making x/y numbers of threads, ect. After the request is done, I will update my first post placin Name request and then the script. Requests: #1 I need a function in doPlayerSay(cid, words) That instead of saying the word, the...
  11. Kanakashy

    Soo, Im back!

    ye, you guise missed me much? It's been 3 weeks
  12. Kanakashy

    Taptap Revenge 3 Showoff

    I don't do tibian sprites as a moderator in ttr3, i like to make random outfits: and this is my first one in mind, i'll keep updating eac. time i make one I start editing them from my original ava: My collection so far: My own backgrounds: and as a gift for the ttr3 players, i can make...
  13. Kanakashy

    The Future of Apple

    Is that going to be real? or is it shooped
  14. Kanakashy

    Epic Guitarrists Hahahahahah Guitar Throw Technique >Previous: Don't post Any Videos, It will get deleted s:
  15. Kanakashy

    RPG Sprites that would help!

    As you see, I taked my time to take these sprites 1 on 1 from a rpg maker So it might help for those people with RPG Projects Or you can use some of them for a customized Tibia I will keep updating and adding more sprites, Be Patient! Here are some Examples for RPG and Custom Tibia...
  16. Kanakashy

    Make your own RAP using Otland's Users names

    You have to make a minimum 7 line rap, saying a max of 5 users of otland. Yes, you can say some cuss words if you think that's what's gonna make your rap better. Just make sure it rhymes and you can make a nice beat out of it. I will make an example, so you can have atleast an idea...
  17. Kanakashy

    Message to Otland saying byebye

    Guise, I think im not seeing otland for a while. Im getting a lot of C's D's and F's in school. So had a great time, When I Finish all my school's assigments, I'll be back I need to create a studying Habbit from now on. Before im off, I want to say some words: Chojrak disloyal ****...
  18. Kanakashy

    Kanakashy's Mapping Thread!

    Kanakashy's Mapping Showoff! Hello!, Here i will be posting my latest mapping works for showoff. If you see some black lines sorry, Its my graphic card that is going to the trash soon & buying a new one. But i can't help it, I want to start mapping again. Regards, Kanakashy [/COLOR]...
  19. Kanakashy

    Sessi-dog smiles while sleeping When they woke her up, shes like: ffs?............... leave me alone. haha
  20. Kanakashy

    Look These Stars I Made

    Here i will be posting my latest drawings. Flamers/Haters Don't post. Don't go off-topic. Don't post any kind of pic. This is my thread. Let's avoid arguments, then don't cry because you got an infraction. Some of them will look horrible, because of my cam. My last cam overheated. This is...