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  1. tetra20

    Spell Advanced Shadow Clones

    Hello Everyone,This is a spell that i have scripted.. it is good for some use but will need edits as it might somehow fuck up at any moment xD Tested only on 0.3.7 but should work fine for 0.4 i dont script for tfs 1.2 unless there is a reason :3 :oops::oops: Starting By Screenshots: What...
  2. tetra20

    Mapper Looking For A Mapper [8.60]

    What do i need? -i just need a simple Mapper, not too professional, for my server..Evolution Server,medium rate would have max level at 10k Will I Pay? -Well, i dont have money to pay but we could share the donation.. What are my Requests? -I just need few spawns, Quests and some simple...
  3. tetra20

    CreatureEvent Boss Reward

    What does this script do? -When you kill a monster(boss) with a group, the loot is automatically configured that everyone in the group gets item randomly, instead of loot in corpse Does it depend on Damage? -No,it Doesn't, it would need source edit , to get Damage Map Can it add special...
  4. tetra20

    Feature Age System

    Game.cpp if(player->hasCustomFlag(PlayerCustomFlag_CanSeePosition)) { ss << std::endl << "Position: [X: " << thingPos.x << "] [Y: " << thingPos.y << "] [Z: " << thingPos.z << "]"; if(Tile* tile = getTile(thingPos)) { if(House* house = tile->getHouse()) ss <<...
  5. tetra20

    Client Editing [Ip,Port,Rsa]

    Ever Wanted you make a Custom client of your 10.x server? And never Knew? I will explain in a Step by Step How to do it First of All: Needed Programs:Hex Editor Or Notepad++(Includes Hex Editor) IP: First Open Tibia In Hex Editor as Below: Then Search for "login01." As Below Now The Tricky...
  6. tetra20

    GlobalEvent Random Encounter

    I Think The Thread Name Already Tells what Does This Mean I Will Begin By Screenshots While Walking In Town or Hunting.. You May Trigger A RE Before I Start i would Like To SAY Sorry For This Noobie Npc i really sux at npcs Script Here The Npc Summon Here I Ask Him For A Quest Here I Finish...
  7. tetra20

    Looking for a Trustworthy American to help me

    Hi. i don't have much to say.i need a AMERICAN from united states to help me.add my Skype:Evronium Fellow. we can speak on private or pm me here Thanks for your time i can help you with anything you need in ots if you helped me :)
  8. tetra20

    CreatureEvent Party Loot Share

    Credits: @cbrm For The Function Part @tetra20 for Editing it Hello :) i wanted to release my latest script.Party Loot Share I Will Start By The ScreenShots It Should Work With 0.3.7:Tested And Working 0.3.6:Tested And Working 0.4:Tested And Working 1.0:Not Really Tested But Should Work Good...
  9. tetra20

    Suggestion Temporary Lua Tags

    I Was Thinking About Adding A Lua Tags that is 100% similar to code tags so all the code which is registered with lua like this BlaBla will be like this BlaBla Because it is really hard to copy any code.You Don't have to make a good lua Tag Codes. Thanks (Temporary) A Small Suggestion...
  10. tetra20

    TalkAction Monster For Next Level

    This is a noobie script i made out of boredom so here it is Before I Start ----- Sorry For Horrible Tabbing This Script Work For Any Monster Not Only Rotworm ----- For Experience Stage Please Read this A SS Now The Code...
  11. tetra20

    Feature Party Invitation

    Hi Again. i made this function because i was playing ascalon and i wanted to make a party and as we know tibia sux the player must be near you to invite him thats why i made this function to invite and join party from far away ---------------- Before I Start I want To Give Credits 1-TeckMan For...
  12. tetra20

    Feature Durability System

    Hi.I Am New to C++ and learned few basics and started to go in programming in open tibia.i want to release my first system that i made it. How It Work You Add This Code in items.xml <attribute key="durability" value="100"/> Durability Can't Be Higher Than 100 And Use the Lua Script Here...
  13. tetra20

    Compiling Luascript.cpp-Item Durability

    Hi,I am making a new system.It is finished but the last lua script is bugged Code: int32_t LuaInterface::luaSetItemDurability(lua_State* L) { const ItemType* item; uint32_t durability = popNumber(L); ScriptEnviroment* env = getEnv(); if((item =...
  14. tetra20

    My First C++ Program

    Hi. This is my first c++ program that i have done it is like 5 in 1 :) hope you like it and Give me advices to have a better programming experience Lets Start now First Source--it is a little long #include <iostream> using namespace std; float add (float n1 , float n2) { return n1 + n2; }...
  15. tetra20

    Lua Private Channel

    Hi.. I Have Found a Strange Bug.. i have cast system but if i say /cast on it doesn't show my private channel(Myname channel)---unless i am a gm or a god it show the channel Any Help Please :) Sorry for the Bad English - - - Updated - - - Note:when i copied gamemaster flags to player it...
  16. tetra20

    Lua Send Channel Dialog

    i was wondering is there a lua function that send channel dialog like when i click Ctrl+o i get the dialog Help Please... i looked everywhere :) Thanks
  17. tetra20

    Solved GetCreatureByName

    Hi I Have Got a Noob Error.that i can't seem to fix it this is the error part local count = getMonsterInfo(getMonsterInfo(getCreatureByName("rotworm")).experience * 15) Please Help :) Full Script function onKill(cid, target, damage, flags) local percent = 0.5 local exp =...
  18. tetra20

    Lua SetCreatureName(InGame)

    Fixed Hi. i have compiled setCreatureName lua script.the link to the thread it is working good but there is a part that doesn't work. Main Part V setCreatureName(cid, ""..getCreatureName.."[Giant]", "A Giant...
  19. tetra20

    Spell Utamo Vita on/off

    I Want to Share with you Guys my utamo vita. i think it isn't released before as a spell I Won't Take so Long to Keep it Clean And Short First Go To Data/spells/support/magic shield And Replace the code with this The Code 75% isn't mine i redited a little parts and added the Mana Shield On...
  20. tetra20

    Solved Npc Problem(when i say Hi)

    i got a little problem with my npcs when i say hi it give me error in console Error - NpcScript Interface data/npc/scripts/runes.luaLonCreatureSay description: data/npc/lib/npcsystem/npchandler.lua:558: attempt to call global 'getDistanceto' <a nil value...