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  1. TibiaGameHost

    Compiling Player level on Channel

    Hi people! I have source REV 3777, and level of the player not show in Chat Channel. Example: 17:27 Player says: test I would like to show the level of the player. Does anyone have any idea where to modify the source? Thanks!
  2. TibiaGameHost

    Lua Movement Teleport kick Player

    Fixed. Thanks!
  3. TibiaGameHost

    Lua exhaustion !online talkaction

    Hi, I have a problem. I put in talkaction exhaustion. Only problem with that is, emvez of Blocking the talkaction she is sending only one point. View: Help me? local config = { showGamemasters =...
  4. TibiaGameHost

    Lua Config.lua

    It is possible to make a script to update a function config.lua hourly? Automatically.
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    I do not know what it's going!! Connection to MySQL on my Ubuntu stopped. The phpmyadmin normally enters ... The website server does not enter, it is just loading ... And the server I can not connect because it falls. My MySQL with InnoDB is having errors is what i think. Anyone have a solution...
  6. TibiaGameHost

    [PHP] Whoisonline with real Outfiter.php

  7. TibiaGameHost

    Solved Super Root User

    [16:58:27.294] > WARNING: The Forgotten Server has been executed as super user! It is recommended to run as a normal user. [16:58:27.294] Continue? (y/N) How to solve this? I use a Auto-Restarter, and always when it falls, it happens and it does not start alone:huh:
  8. TibiaGameHost

    Lua Error CTF Event LINE 1 4EVER? WTF

    I have ctf event and i have this error Screenshot by Lightshot I use linux my script is: -- Teste local CTF = CTF_LIB function onStepIn(cid, item, position, lastPosition, fromPosition, toPosition, actor) local team = getItemAttribute(item.uid, "team") if team ~=...
  9. TibiaGameHost

    Lua Error Utana Vid

    Hello, I want to stay with this storage value in my script. But it does not work, anyone know where is the error? local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_MAGIC_RED) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_AGGRESSIVE, false) local condition =...
  10. TibiaGameHost

    Lua Problem With Raids Automatic (MOD)

    Not respecting the amount of monsters to be summoned. m = 2 morgaroth is to summon 2 morgaroth is summoning more than that, like 100 for example. What's the problem? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <mod name="Automatic Raids" version="1.0" author="Igor Pereira"...
  11. TibiaGameHost

    Lua Easy change

    Hi, I want 2 effects for text, would possible? local positions = { ["Trainers"] = {{x = 32343, y = 32219, z = 7}, 28}, ["Items!"] = {{x = 32365, y = 32231, z = 7}, 55}, } function onThink(cid, interval, lastExecution) for text, v in pairs(config.positions) do...
  12. TibiaGameHost

    Solved [WEBSITE] Show guilds in WhoIsOnline.php

    Example: Globalzera - Who is online? Anyone have? or know how to put it?
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    Why Banned? I not use spoofing , lol ? IP: I went to check my server in the server list, and not found, when I went to see, was banned for no reason. I do not use spoofing.
  14. TibiaGameHost

    Lua GuildPoints help-me and rep++

    I have a script he is working 100%. Only he does not give points for those already received. Example: Who received today, tomorrow you do not receive again. I wanted recebisse. I think it's something that it changes the table accounts for guild_points_stats. GuildPointsConfigs = {...
  15. TibiaGameHost

    Linux Firewall Linux

    Hi All, Someone can tell me some good rules for iptables in Linux?
  16. TibiaGameHost

    Lua CTF Mod

    When someone does point to the team, the points are not counted. And is 0x0. Nobody wins. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mod name="CTF" version="1.0" author="Doggynub" contact="" enabled="yes"> <config name="toto"><![CDATA[ --[[ Storage Settings]]-- Owner = 1900...
  17. TibiaGameHost

    Compiling Cast System 8.6 ^^

    I have problems only in a table, the cast system is already in source 100%. Only is giving error: protocolgame.h, some functions saying that was not declared, etc. ... Someone in order to finish the source for me? I give source it to those who finish too! for whom complete i give WebSite...
  18. TibiaGameHost

    Wand paralyze script

    Which script should I use to make a wand that 8% chance to paralyze?
  19. TibiaGameHost

    Lua Script Question

    This is script is possible crash my server? lock accounts login? in ubuntu local weaponpar = {2377, 2378, 2379, 2380} -- id dos items que darão paralize local chancepar = 5 -- chance de ocorrer o paralize (10 = 10%, 20 = 20%, 30 = 30%, 1 = 1%, 5 = 5%) e assim por diante local combat =...
  20. TibiaGameHost

    Linux Close Putty and TheForgottenServer (LOCK)

    Hi All... I have problem with linux ubuntu 10.04. I open ./theforgottenserver Ok, i wait 5min, and close putty (X), and theforgottenserver lock, no one else login. My Map is 90mb, Ubuntu 3x Core 3.4, 4GB RAM FREE. Help me