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  1. SamX

    The Forgotten Tibia (no vocations, new skills, skills by points, dual wield, auto loot, quiver, etc)

    Never used OTClient before. I can't get it to read my custom .dat/.spr - any ideas? I get the error "Only clients with 10.00 protocol allowed".
  2. SamX

    Voltage OT || Discussion Thread - BETA coming soon!

    Hey, thanks for the interest. I’m pretty busy with life atm, recently relocated cities and started a new job. This is more of a hobby for now so I don’t have a timeline. As a progress update, the server is pretty much done just needs some serious bug testing and a few loose ends tied. If you...
  3. SamX

    Change OTClient .dat/.spr

    Hi, I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the .dat/.spr codes for specific client versions in OTClient. I'm talking about these values: dat="44BA" spr="583D78E9" otb="57" If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks
  4. SamX

    Team Team to do a BR server to beat aurera. Shivera. Etc.

    So basically you need everything? lol
  5. SamX

    Voltage OT || Discussion Thread - BETA coming soon!

    Appreciate your concern but all items in the shop are obtainable from doing dungeons ingame - and it's not going to be like a 0.00001% chance. As for the server - progress is slow now due to holidays and other interests. I can't give a definite release date but at some point you'll see it online :)
  6. SamX

    Programmer Offering programming job

  7. SamX

    Mapping services

    Done lots of maps for me, highly recommended
  8. SamX

    Webdesigner Looking for a Webdevelopement or WebDesign job [$5 /hr]

    Send me some too please
  9. SamX

    Tibia 7.7 clone, run 7.7 server or a 7.92 one?

    Im at work right now, I'll message you later
  10. SamX

    [CANADA] Niverus - Custom Evolution | 10.9+ | Low Rates | F2P & 4FUN OTS

    So in other words you want to defer players to your server? Your server sucks. This one is better :D
  11. SamX

    Tibia 7.7 clone, run 7.7 server or a 7.92 one?

    If you're making good money off donations you may be able to hire a spriter and make 7.7 style sprites. If you need money for hosting, I'm sure I can find you some scripting work.
  12. SamX

    Looking freelance job Scripter/Web Designer

    I have a website I need modified with new features and better design. Please PM with examples of work, I pay well.
  13. SamX

    Tibia 7.7 clone, run 7.7 server or a 7.92 one?

    7.7 and then start adding your own custom content. Custom sprites, maps, quests etc. I feel this is the best way to gain a popular older version.
  14. SamX

    Tibia 7.7 clone, run 7.7 server or a 7.92 one?

    Sounds like a good plan! If you need an investor for hosting, you know where to find me. I don't mind helping people out
  15. SamX

    Gamemaster VoltageOT | Partner & Community Manager [Paid Position]

    Hello, Let me introduce myself - my name is Sam and I am the sole developer for VoltageOT. I am busy in real life, and therefor I am hiring a partner/community manager to help out with the server. The server is nearly complete, there are some bugs and testing to be done but most of the server...
  16. SamX

    How many custom projects are still active?

    VoltageOT is still being developed. Maybe a little slow, but it's coming along. I'm always looking for people to help :)
  17. SamX

    C++ Effects keep repeating

    Same thing happens when I add it to a non-used effect. It works if I replace a current effect, however will not work with any of the blank ones. I don't really want to get rid of effects already in the game, any way around this?
  18. SamX

    [MyAAC] v0.7.10

    How does the plugin template system work? If I were to buy a template somewhere, how easy would it be to integrate? Haven't done much php/HTML/CSS work.
  19. SamX

    Trainers in-game or offline trainers?

    Trainers aren't gonna give players level. It's only for skill, so people would still be playing.