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    403 Forbidden Error

    Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. do you knwo why im get this error? im using UniseverZ and Znote AAC.
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    Add addBuyableItemContainer in modules.lua

    Hello can somone help my add addBuyableItemContainer in my modules so the magicshop can sell bp of runes? edit: cant add modules.lua it says "Please enter a message with no more than 25000 characters." you can add my skype "daskhoster" if you can help me
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    traveling with pz

    want to able to traveling with pz at my 7.72 server like 7.4. i have try with others scripts like avesta 7.4 captains but still dont work. can anybody help?
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    Windows Gesior Acc Guild War Buggs

    I have Guild War bugg. The Guild war "mixed" the guild and frags. the pictures and the frags mixed and confused. ITs guild war should be 0:4 to Moderatera. anyone know what's wrong? rep++ - - - Updated - - - Bump
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    Windows What is $options number? zaypay script.

    what is $options number and where i get it from? rep++
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    Solved (solved) Gesior Acc Paypal Problem

    Gesior Acc Paypal automatic script does not work. Players pay but wont get points. what should i use on $paypal_payment_type? xclick or _donations? and what is the difference? C:\xampp\htdocs\custom_scripts\paypal\config.php C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\paypal.php...
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    Script in Paygol in Buypoints

    Hello, I need help with putting together my Paygol script with buypoints. when i'm trying to do it it says "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'elseif' (T_ELSEIF) in C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\buypoints.php on line 267" Buypoints: <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit...
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    gesior acc shopsystem bugg

    I have problem with gesior acc. i tried to make shop system but players didn't get their points when they pay. tell me what script do you need to see and i can post them to you. sorry for my bad english. Rep++ - - - Updated - - - can someone help me for money?
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    Windows Premium points error

    consoll error: script: local t, storage = { {160, 25}, {190, 30}, {220, 30}, }, 256 function onAdvance(cid, skill, oldLevel, newLevel) if skill ~= SKILL__LEVEL then return true end for i = 1, #t do local v = t[i] if newLevel >= v[1] and getCreatureStorage(cid, storage) < i then...
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    Windows Error in my movements

    anyone see what i have do wrong here? Consoll: movements: rep++
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    Windows Wars error

    I got error in my consoll. i use Tfs 0.4 anyone knows what wrong? rep++
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    Windows Gesior AAC shop

    Hello i need help with Gesior AAC shop. i add items to z_shop_offer but i can't see them on the shop. so what's wrong? I also need with news. I can't add news to forum. it says: * Only moderators and admins can post on news board. but im on my gm with group id 6 Rep++
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    Hello, i need a mysql datebase for Avesta065e 7.7 i have tried with many others datebases but no one works properly :(
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    Convert 7.6 to 7.72

    Hi, i want to convert my 7.6 to 7.72 or a new disto. i can pay for it or gives points. *******
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    Windows Avesta065e

    Hello, im trying to start my 7.6 map in 7.72 server. im using Avesta065e 7.7 server. but when it start loading the map, this comes up: Could not generate report - DBGHELP.DLL could not be found. Pic:
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    breakChance Bugg

    Like the title says. breakChance Bugg. It does not matter what I write in items.xml on <attribute key="breakChance" value="1"/> I'd like so they disappear sometimes Does anyone know the problem?
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    When players log in and out ;s

    this comes up when players log in and out. why?
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    Zaypay bug?

    why can only the netherlands and belgium buy on zaypay? : o I do not know how to add more countries. Does anyone know the problem? here is my shop: Donation Shop - Daleria
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    Premium at beginning?

    I need help with that players don't get premium at the beginning. i have add: -- Premium-related freePremium = true premiumForPromotion = true but they made no difference. I think can add something in login.lua but i don't really sure. i use avesta.7.6. your Daleria.
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    Windows 7.6. blessings and protection level.

    Hi, Im the owner of Daleria. ( Real map 7.6. i need some help with blessings protection level i use Avesta and i cant editing dev c++ sources, i have teamviewer if someone wanna help me. Your Daleria.