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    Mapper nostalrius map converter

    hello, im looking for someone that knows a way to convert OTBM maps to nostalrius RME distro maps. Paid job.
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    Usewith bugged on 7.4 (creature missing on battle and self using)

    Hi, I would like to disable battle for player shooting on 7.7, can you help me? The stock otclient version for 7.7 comes with an issue that you can't use anything with crosshair on you, like mana fluids. To fix that I found a solution using this else(toThing->isCreature() &&...
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    daily task

    hello, i'm very noob at programming, and i would like some help i have a task system i wanna gives to player 3 tasks each day of the week, like rashid, monday set1 of tasks, tuesday set2 of tasks, etc it works in this way: task_daily = { [1] = {name = "rats", mons_list = {"rat", "cave...