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  1. Natan Beckman

    Gesior ACC 2019 8.60 New Features

    UPDATE 29/06/2019! Hello my friends, this is my last free contribution I make in the area of OTserver, I made a very complete update of the Gesior comparing with the available ones. - Some layout images have been changed to refresh the look. - Create Account requiring passwords with...
  2. Natan Beckman

    [Gesior 2012] TOP Edition

    Hello guys! See below the news of the new Gesior. Many bug fixes and shop system with full outfit. Sorry my English. :D Change on files mysql pass(senha): account/ajax_accountname.php account/ajax_charactername.php account/ajax_email.php $conn =...
  3. Natan Beckman

    Lua Claw of the Noxious Spawn not work! OTX 8.60

    I follow the topic below and not worked. Does anyone have this system working properly?
  4. Natan Beckman

    HOTA Full

    Someone has HOTA Full? TFS 0.4
  5. Natan Beckman

    Compiling The Delay MW

    Hello Guys! See if you can understand my problem. The magic wall rune Obey delay of: timeBetweenExActions = 1000 This delay is the renewal of MW when ends the 20 seconds. The question is! What should I do to make the MW use the rule: timeBetweenCustomActions = 500 I use OTX
  6. Natan Beckman

    Compiling BUG CLONE OTX

    Anyone have solution for this problem?
  7. Natan Beckman

    [Gesior] Most powerfull guilds TFS 1.0

    Someone has to Most Pwerfull Guilds for tfs 1.0?
  8. Natan Beckman

    Solved Download all setup tibia

    Where do I find all the setup tibia to download?
  9. Natan Beckman

    Linux Network DDoS

    My server received a DDoS attack. Much of the players took one kick. And the others were unable to get into the OT. I wonder what can I do to protect my server against such event. My dedicated is in and DDoS Protection: CSF DDoS Deflate Mod_evasive look attack: This much larger...
  10. Natan Beckman

    Compiling Can anyone explain me the difference between

    Can anyone explain me the difference between: # Config for 64Bits #DEBUG_FLAGS="-O0 -march=native -fomit-frame-pointer" #DEBUG_FLAGS="-O3 -march=native -fomit-frame-pointer" O0 or O3? I use Linux Ubuntu 13 64 bits
  11. Natan Beckman

    Solved Monster no hit summon moster

    The monster no attack summon moster: Help Code: else if(target->getMonster()) { if(attacker->getMonster()) return RET_YOUMAYNOTATTACKTHISCREATURE; if(!target->isAttackable()) return RET_YOUMAYNOTATTACKTHISCREATURE; const Player*...
  12. Natan Beckman

    Linux Monster gain exp for kill monster

    I have a problem, monsters in my server are attacking each other and i can't prevent it. I already set immunity to everything to test and no success
  13. Natan Beckman

    Lua Error TFS 1.0

    I use TFS 1.0. when execute command !guildpoints show this error: Lua Script Error: [TalkAction Interface] data/talkactions/scripts/guildpoints.lua:onSay data/talkactions/scripts/guildpoints.lua:75: attempt to index global 'Query' (a number value) stack traceback: [C]: in function...
  14. Natan Beckman

    Linux Error compilation

    otserv.cpp: In function âvoid otserv(StringVec, ServiceManager*)â: otserv.cpp:580:40: error: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value [-Werror=parentheses] if(result = db->storeQuery(query.str())) ^ otserv.cpp:588:55: error: suggest...
  15. Natan Beckman

    Lua In a timer event called from GLOBALEVENTS

    Help-me [17:35:15.609] [Error - GlobalEvent Interface] [17:35:15.609] In a timer event called from: [17:35:15.610] data/globalevents/scripts/zombie_event.lua:onTime [17:35:15.614] Description: [17:35:15.614] data/globalevents/scripts/zombie_event.lua:71: bad argument #2 to 'random' (interval...
  16. Natan Beckman

    Linux Help urgent

    This error crash my OTServ tfs: tpp.c:63: __pthread_tpp_change_priority: Assertion `new_prio == -1 || (new_prio >= __sched_fifo_min_prio && new_prio <= __sched_fifo_max_prio)' failed. ./ line 16: 4876 Aborted (core dumped) ./tfs Please i need urgent solution! I Use TFS...
  17. Natan Beckman


    Hello, i have a problema in my shopsystem.php. I use this version: [Gesior 2012] First Tibia Global Layout I buy vip account for my character more i no buy for other character or other acc. Please help, thanks... shopsystem.php rep+++
  18. Natan Beckman

    Windows Hello help, img format quality and size.

  19. Natan Beckman

    I need Tibia Cast for 0.3.7 TFS by Martyx

    I need Tibia Cast for 0.3.7 TFS by Martyx
  20. Natan Beckman


    I have a bug with the paralyze rune. When the player uses rune is stoped for 2 seconds and whoever receives the rune also.