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    (Spain) - Huntera RLmap - Low rated - Antibot Client 11x

    Start a new season as the new year came and the server suffered a lot with the loss of players. With that said I would like to say a few things: New Island Revuul The server is completely stable and updatable as the months go We always have a backup of all "/Data" We will work to adjust the...
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    AAC Server Status add new ip to check for World list

    Hello im looking for some fuction to display on php status from another server on Php like otservlist. Its to reproduce page like cip Worlds with respective players each worlds. Anyone know how, i checked the server_status.php from gesior but is toohard
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    Lua Issue with onusewagon

    function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) local destinations = { {teleportPos = Position(32692, 31501, 11), railCheck = Tile(Position(32688, 31469, 13)):getItemById(7124) and Tile(Position(32690, 31465, 13)):getItemById(7122)}, --Coal Room {teleportPos...
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    Lua Trap (only damage for monsters not for players)

    Hello today im reproducing grimvale event and now looking the trap for kill first step for feroxa. Looking trap script i can see the damage hit all players: local traps = { [1510] = {transformTo = 1511, damage = {-50, -100}}, [1513] = {damage = {-50, -100}}, [2579] = {transformTo =...
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    AAC Edit this part of php to add tibia coins looking acc name and not player name

    Edit this part of php to add tibia coins looking acc name and not player name :/ if($action == 'premium-points') { $player = stripslashes(ucwords(strtolower(trim($_REQUEST['character'])))); $points = $_POST['points']; if(empty($player)) { ECHO...
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    (Canada) PhanteraOTServer 11 | No-PvP | Low Rates | RLmap | New opening soon!

    Uptime 24/7 Datacenter: Canada Website: World Type: No-PvP 1 - 7, 40x 8 - 29, 35x 30 - 49, 30x 50 - 74, 20x 75 - 94, 15x 95 - 119, 10x 120 - 149, 7x 150 - 199, 6x 200 - 299, 5x 300 - 349, 4x 350, 3x Walkeable Magic walls and Wild Growths (No-PvP) From this update now...
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    Lua Summon spell heal when not attacked

    Summon spell for heal creature only when no have fight during X minutes. Here is script for White pale heal all hp when he go low hp, well i think it can reworked to heal monster when no have fight... local condition = createConditionObject(CONDITION_REGENERATION) setConditionParam(condition...
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    AAC Server status with different ip like world list

    Hello how i can add new server status on my gesior acc system to check how many players have my second server located in Canada or when you check the europe says how many players have canada server. I saw some fuction in or something with the ip but only check the config.lua (actual...
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    (Canada) PhanteraOT 11 | No-PvP | Low Rates | RLmap | Date:x/x/xx

    Website - Phantera-Global Create account Phantera-Global Coming soon!
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    (Poland) HunteraOT - RLmap 11 - Imbuements stack - New hunting zones - Start 1/2/2018

    Websites: - New continent has been discovered by very high level explorers ... among all the new things we have been able to get a map of the island. Teruul island At the moment we know that from Roshamuul there is a canoe with a power to take people to this island full of...
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    otservlist: xinn Hexera: all europe xinn RLMap on europe no! hexera is first Countdown: xinn rish HEXERA xinn owner? 7.4 or 8.0= RPG DESTROY LIFE BETTER WAY TO LEAVE DELETE IN YOUR BRAIN OTS BETTER FOR = NEW LIFE NEW GIRLFRIEND AND JOB :d if anyone want comment anithing of this lines my...
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    Osiris: New dawn exploration space suvival multiplayer

    “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” – H.P. Lovecraft The year is 2046 and mankind’s discovery of near-lightspeed "fold engine" propulsion has empowered mankind's Osiris expeditionary missions to the Gliese 581...
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    Minecraft Server-CREATIVE free for all | |version:1.11.2 PACC/PIRATE

    Im start a small server minecraft on my dedicated VPS if anyone want play to this friendly server you need know it: IP: Website: Gamemode: CREATIVE SEED: -7261691309120837834 Texture pack
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    AAC Guild_membership dont work propely

    Good night i can say solved at 50% my bug with creating guilds on my website. Yesterday was deleted guild table and fowoll some threads with some people have the same bug and now: You can create guild, but members not saved to the database. Anyone know what i can do to solve this?? Thnx :D
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    What happen today with download and run?

    What happen today with download and run servers?? Like 5-6 month ago new spam servers 7.4, 7.72 , 8.0.... And 0 custom maps like old times with old versions.
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    Lua "Imbuing system" Adding attributes to items by slot

    Hello im working with a modal windows + slot system + crafting to build one fuction like imuing system from cip, i have otb from the new version and items so just with all otland i think we can finish this script and split for all members. Scripts used for here: Action - [TFS 1.1] - Slot...
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    Solved Objectbuilder 10.100

    Hello anyone know how i can save items.otb from the objectbuilder ?? Thnx for advance
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    AAC Gesior Acc - Part of Guilds issues with querys

    Hello i have some problem with querys from my website, in guild section. I explain it better: - You can create good your Guild, but when all is done appear it: You dont have rank, and player/s dont appear in the list of your guild including you the Leader. Im using Gesior acc tfs 1.0 for 1.2...
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    Movie from stream!
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    [SWEDEN] RLMAP & Quests | Medium Rates 30x to 3x |Prey System | Imbuing | Forgotten Knowledge Quest

    Zarkonia.Online launch day 30/04 at 16:00 GMT -3 Create your account now in Zarkonia.Online. Newer Version 10.00 with new places and systems! Exclusive Features - Live Cast Client - Prey Monsters - Imbuing Items - Reward Chest - Hotkey Equip - NPC Bank System - Walkable Fields (Monsters do...