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  1. Tarek1337

    Suggestion Improve the 2FA verification process

    Every 30 days OTLand asks me to write in a 2FA code, and I find it bit annoying considering I've never had to do that anywhere else I use 2FA. I was wondering if it was possible to get rid of it all together, or increase it to every 6 months or something, thanks. ):
  2. Tarek1337

    What was all that outage about?

    Why was OTLand down for over two hours? Did something break or are we already upgrading to XenForo2? Little curious.
  3. Tarek1337

    Happy birthday Cornex!

    I'd like to wish one of my dearest friends @Cornex an amazing birthday! I wish you a good one. Kind regards. <3
  4. Tarek1337

    [Sweden] Bloxx Real map server 10.99

    I've left the project. [Sweden] Bloxx Real map server 10.99 I want to welcome you to a new server slowly developed by @Tarek1337, @Zatjin and @tommy91 Website: Bloxx Ingame IP: on port 7171 EXP rate: We are aiming for low-rate Discord server: Discord - Free voice and text chat...
  5. Tarek1337

    Hey guys

    Hey guys, I'm not really that active anymore on OTLand, but I am just curious how everyone is... And if any of you have a nice project going or anything similar.
  6. Tarek1337

    Suggestion Gif avatars

    Hey, I was just wondering if it was possible to add complete gif support for avatars? Right now it's not fully supported the gif will only play if you click on a profile. Like how vBulletin was, ^^
  7. Tarek1337

    How do I report a user profile that is blocking access?

    If people done that it will show "This member limits who may view their full profile." and you can't then report their profile because there is no report button. Is there any other way to do it?
  8. Tarek1337

    Happy new years OTLand!

    Happy new years OTland 2016 has been an awesome year. (even if I was banned 25% of 2016 :oops:). So happy new years OTLand and let's hope awesome projects will be running in 2017!
  9. Tarek1337

    Happy Birthday Sir Knighter

    Happy Birthday @Sir Knighter
  10. Tarek1337

    New fast and the furious 8 Trailer

    What do you guys think of the Fast and the furious franchise? I love them personally.
  11. Tarek1337

    Best shit

    best shit
  12. Tarek1337

    Windows My website detecting Javascript as insecure script

    Hi! I've been trying to get my website working with my "home-made" SSL certification and everything works fine except that the layout I'm using is Ninja made and what HalfAway converted. Is that Login and library is handled by Javascript and my website detects as its insecure script. What I'm...
  13. Tarek1337

    Suggestion Exclude Forum games board from the New post feed

    Hi! I would like if the forum games board was excluded from the New post feed. Like it was with shadowcores post. A example why I want it.
  14. Tarek1337

    Upcoming server I need ideas and thoughts

    Hi! I'm planing on opening an OT. I haven't decided when or anything. Anyways here's some pictures of the work I've been doing for the past 4 months. With some help from special friends. Hunting room! Still being reworked Second floor, Gonna add alot more! 2 floors with awesome and unique...
  15. Tarek1337

    Solved Compiling OTClient issues

    Hi! I've tried for 2 days now to compile OTClient with both Cmake and VS16. I've tried to follow both Dominiques tutorial and the wiki on GitHub. And I get som errors here are some of them. Visual Studio: Cmake: Does anyone know how to solve this? :(
  16. Tarek1337

    Corsairs new Halloween Video

    So they made this troll video yesterday and I think it's hillarious. :P
  17. Tarek1337

    Gaming Forza Horzion 3 Progress/Screenshot thread

    So, I bought FH3 yesterday and I really liked it, so I decided to make a OTLand thread where I post screenshots of my cars and my progress through the game. So here is my first screenshot of my Lamborghini that I got from spinmachine thingy. Worth 10 million credits. Another picture but in...
  18. Tarek1337

    Happy Birthday Xikini!!!

    Happy Birthday @Xikini ! My hero :oops: (I know that it's not your birthday in your timezone, hihiih)
  19. Tarek1337

    Happy Birthday Okkä!

    Happy Birthday @Okke on your 26 day! Now both me and you are 1 year closer to death! Kom hem så röker vi brajj