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  1. cricks

    TFS 1.X+ Make OT compatible with 10.98 and 12

    I know it is possible to make my OT compatible with both versions, however, whenever I try to login using client 10.98, my client crash. I can select my character, the game crash when the character get online. How am I suppose to make my otserver compatible with version 10.98 too? Main client...
  2. cricks

    Why aren't some of my screenshots showing up in the forum?

    I am uploading directly to OTLAND and inserting it as a spoiler. Saved as PNG, as you guys can see... Not only me, an user related the same error in my post.
  3. cricks

    The hard part about mapping...

    Make a detailed map is hard, I know, but for me, the hardest part is to make a coherent map with such a good gameplay. If you look at Cipsoft map, you can understand what I mean, they have balanced hunts (distance from city, size of the hunt, which monsters they put in there). The Cipsoft map...
  4. cricks

    Sigma world - starting from scratch!

    Hello everyone. I would like to share my entire project from scratch with you. Each new step will be shared here until I completely finish the whole Sigma world. Before starting, I want to say I have everything planned already and it took me a while to write all my plans. Now, it is time to...