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  1. ianelli

    Scripter Ramza's Scripting/Programming Services

    Thanks for the messages! I WONT be receiving more jobs until i finish all the jobs you people have asked me! Thank you <3 Hello, i am trying to get some money on the free time, so I decided to offer some of my jobs as scripter/programmer! Who am I? Name: Ricardo Ianelli, aka Ramza...
  2. ianelli

    Error compiling (al.h)

    Hello! I've just formated my PC and reinstalled VS17 and the vcpkg. The installation of vcpkg finished like that: And when compilling i get this error: I've followed that link for compilling: edubart/otclient Does anybody know what to do? EDIT: Reinstalled everything with VS15 additionals...
  3. ianelli

    New compiling method

    Today, 04/11/2017, Edubart changed the otclient wiki on GitHub to that: But there are no tutorials so people can do it. Anybody knows how to do it?
  4. ianelli

    Problems with Boost

    I had several errors with boost when trying to compile using visual studio. Then, i tried to move to codeblocks, since i was used to compile with that. The problem is: even with codeblocks and every step right, i get those errors. Does anybody have a clue of what i have to do? I've downloaded...
  5. ianelli

    Short-Time Freelancer (+ Extra)

    - Please, close this topic! -
  6. ianelli

    [TFS 0.3.6] onSpawn (Changed)

    Hi. I've seen some "onSpawn" functions to TFS 1.0 and other versions, but none seems to work correctly on 0.3.6, so i've created my own and am posting here, may help someone. Some people made the "onSpawn" from HERE work, but only when the monster RE-spawn. So, you have to kill him so he...
  7. ianelli

    Windows TFS 1.X question

    Hi, i was far from otserver for some time and now i'm seeing lot of ppl talking about TFS 1.x, but i can't find one for the version 10.31, and I can't find for what version is this distro. Can anybody enlight me?
  8. ianelli

    Battle square issue

    Hello, i'm having problems with the battle square (that appears when you click to attack a monster, or player, or npc). When it appears it don't disappear unless you click on stop attack, even if you are NOT attacking that creature. For example: Ex.1: I am with secure mode on, and try...
  9. ianelli

    Invalid creature crash

    Sometimes, when a creature is not properly removed (don't know why), it still appear on the map, but with bugged health (hidden health and name) or 'flashing'. Sometimes it happen when teleporting a dead player too, then, that 'strange copy' appear and mimic his changes of dir, but have no...
  10. ianelli

    0 on extended opcodes

    Hello, does anybody else have problem when sending number '0' with extended opcodes? When i try to do that, i get errors on otclient, like message end reached...
  11. ianelli

    magic effects from the client

    Hi, does anybody know a way to send magic effects from the client? I mean, not from the server , lol :p kkkk for example: g_game.sendMagicEffect(pos, id) something like that D: --------------------------------------------- Edit: Done! Did it that way, if anybody needs too: on game.cpp , add...
  12. ianelli

    Market System on 0.3.6PL1 ?

    Does anybody knows if it's too compilcated to 'implement' the market system of newer TFS versions on the 0.3.6PL1 ? With OTC, the interfaces are already created, so, the only thing would be implementing the iomarket classes at the sources and send the packets correctly, etc... But does anybody...
  13. ianelli

    Minimap like pxg

    Anybody knows where to start to make a minimap like pxg? I tried to start, did the transparency, but it's kinda confusing when you have just a small part of the minimap... I think that's why they've put the map 'open', and when you 'discover' the area, it just become lighter... But, how to do...
  14. ianelli

    Shinobi Online - Website and release!

    Hey guys, sup? Finally, Shinobi Online website is ONLINE! The game release date is march 31, yes, this week! Stay alert here, on our facebook page and on the website! If you find bugs, please let us know :D So, do the website looks good? Have any game/website...
  15. ianelli

    Solved DB 'result' problem.

    EDIT: FIXED! If you have this issue, check your other libs at data/libs. One of them may contain a global variable with the name 'result', and that creates a conflict. Hope that help somebody. See ya! :D ------------------------------- Hello, i'm having a strange error with database on lua...
  16. ianelli

    Problem with extended opcodes

    I can't send STRING from server to client... give "InputMessage eof reached" error... Here's the string function i'm using on SERVER-side: function NetworkMessage:addString(value) if not self:addU16(string.len(value)) then self:logDebug("String length is bigger than "...
  17. ianelli

    Keep files up to date

    Hi, i wanted to know if somebody could help me with one question. Let's say i get a version of the source code TODAY, and use that to create a project that is somehow different from the otclient 'type', so, i cannot commit it. BUT, i want to keep it updates with the changes that happens, but...
  18. ianelli

    Windows Appcrash

    My server is crashing lots of times, but with no erros. It's just fine and then, error! App crash :/ I'm using TFS 0.3.6PL1. Somebody knows what can be, or some way to find out what can be causing it? It's not my PC, i've tested on 2 different computers. Here's a screenshot:
  19. ianelli

    Change Cap on client.

    Solved. Discovered by myself, but thanks anyway =)
  20. ianelli

    [Request] Exp for everyone at party.

    Hi, i was wandering if there's a way to give exp to everybody at party. Example: You're a class that only have heals and buffs. You're at an important hunt, you don't get exp cuz you didn't attacked? That's not fair :P In full lua i would use getSpectators and getPartyMembers together, but It...