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  1. demon47

    Lua npchandler.lua error.

    Hello everyone in my console i get a error from npchandler.lua :data/npc/lib/npcsystem/npchandler.lua:455: in function 'onCreatureSay' Somebody can help me? thanks. :) Here is npchandler.lua:
  2. demon47

    Solved Addon doll "enter the correct name!"

    Hello, i added the outfit Cave Explorer to my script and if i use ingame !addon Cave Explorer it says: 23:11 enter the correct name! here is my script function onSay(cid, words, param) local itemid = 8982 -- the items id for addon doll local msg = {"enter the correct name!", "You no have the...
  3. demon47

    /attr always say unknown attribute when writing it good

    Hello, When i use the /attr command and i say as example: /attr attack, 40 it says: Unknown Attribute With almost everything it says it, i use: somebody can help? i've been looking and i think i have to add in functions, but it...
  4. demon47

    Lua Mass /m effect. (/mm "Monster")

    Hey guys, somebody have/know a script that if you say: /mm demon, for example that u get a mass affect from demons on 4x4 size. Rep++ Thanks :)
  5. demon47

    Hunt Buddy Sorc/Druid.

    Hello otlanders, I search a hunt Buddy. Min level 135 max level 180. 50/50 loot, we hunt hive -1. Contact me ingame: Effcia. Greetings,
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  7. demon47

    Solved How i fix advance save?

    Hello Otland users! I wanna ask to somebody for help me with this. [28/5/2013 20:4:56] [Error - CreatureScript Interface] [28/5/2013 20:4:56] data/creaturescripts/scripts/advancesave.lua:onAdvance [28/5/2013 20:4:56] Description: [28/5/2013 20:4:56] attempt to index a nil value...
  8. demon47

    Solved Line: 50, Info: Premature end of data in tag monster line 2 ERROR , please help!

    Hello this is my first thread ever! but thats what i don't wanna talk about it I wanna create a new monster "People killer" but it gives an error Line: 50, Info: Premature end of data in tag monster line 2 <<<< Somebody can help me V here is the monster <?xml version="1.0"...