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  1. Tarek1337

    Happy New Year, OTLand!🎆

    Happy new years everyone!!
  2. Tarek1337

    World of Therran - Discussion Thread

    Does my NPC still exist
  3. Tarek1337

    Suggestion Improve the 2FA verification process

    Ah that sucks, thank you though.
  4. Tarek1337

    Suggestion Improve the 2FA verification process

    Every 30 days OTLand asks me to write in a 2FA code, and I find it bit annoying considering I've never had to do that anywhere else I use 2FA. I was wondering if it was possible to get rid of it all together, or increase it to every 6 months or something, thanks. ):
  5. Tarek1337

    Gunzodus Team

    Didn't get mentioned, I feel slightly hurt!
  6. Tarek1337

    OtLand Re-opening Staff Recruitment Board

    Wish everyone best of luck with their applications. 🧡
  7. Tarek1337

    Tibia 11+ Downgrade tool

    Thank you for the release & giving proper credits, not something you see around here very often. ❤
  8. Tarek1337

    OpenTibia Discord Server

    I'll take a look, even though I am not the most active person within the OT community any more.
  9. Tarek1337

    Looking for people!

    @Damon HalfAway is indeed the biggest thief there is to find.
  10. Tarek1337

    OtLand XenForo 2 and forum changes

    May I ask why it was premium user locked? Or was it always like that? I have such bad memory.
  11. Tarek1337

    About BRazilian LEECHERS

    It shows how much they've contributed. The commit number is total commits in the repository The green text means amount of added lines contributed. The red text is the opposite, amount of deleted lines.
  12. Tarek1337

    Unban Codex NG

    I feel like everyone deserves a second chance here... As long you ask for it.. I was given a second chance, and I am here now. That's the only reason, because Mark was willing to give me one. Give this guy a break, Codex is not a bad guy. As long you are nice back to him.
  13. Tarek1337

    My Situation

    If none of you have anything better to say, I just suggest moving on with your lives. Instead of trash talking for no apparent reason. You know, you have the option to block/ignore Codex so you don't see his posts, but it appears it's quite a difficult task to do so. Hmmmmmmmmm
  14. Tarek1337

    AAC login but not logged in.

    Should you really show the IP of your host and that you are running root
  15. Tarek1337

    Dishonesty in the OTS community (starting off with the OTS Septera/Nostalria)

    are you guys still going, im really thankful for the wonderful read
  16. Tarek1337

    Leaving OtLand.

    y00 Buddy, I wish you good luck in the future! It was fun getting to know you. <3
  17. Tarek1337

    [France] Ramonia 7.6 - Highrate Custom Map - Start Sunday 11th March

    >2018 >Adobe Flash player on the website alright.
  18. Tarek1337

    Peroxide's Mapping Thread

    i love u papa peroxide