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  1. Yusuf El-Shora

    Lua [HELP]Boost PVP rate x2

    Hello Otlanders! I'm using tfs 0.4 for client 8.6. I got an double exp rate script, which boost the exp gained from killing monsters, and this is it: local otswe = { storage = 5995, -- Put Unused Storage Here time_end = 120*60*1000, -- Edit Time Here end_text = "The Powers Of The Gods Has...
  2. Yusuf El-Shora

    VPS For Items [Highexp]

    Hello Otlanders :) As you see I'm offering my VPS (Linux / Windows) Located in US, For a full free month .. You can use it for tests or whatever you want ... In return I want Rich items in "". No Scamming, you can ask @adric21 , about my VPS ;) If you are interested just PM...
  3. Yusuf El-Shora

    Compiling [] ERROR

    Well I'm compiling tfs 0.4 for windows, fixed all the errors I got and Finally I'm Getting This .. Any ideas ? Thanks In Advance.
  4. Yusuf El-Shora

    Lua Action Script Error

    Well I can't get this functions (Silence / Paralyze) to work .. (using tfs 0.4 / 8.6 client). I gonna start with explanation for both (Silence / Paralyze) .. (Silence) : It's an item (You see a fire bug.) player can you on another player for specified times, and it does silence the player for...
  5. Yusuf El-Shora

    Compiling Help Compiling My Source (linux/widnows)

    As the title said.. I need help with compiling .. :( I got a source and I can't compile it not in Linux or Windows (tfs 0.4/ 8.6 Client).. Although someone told me it's can be compiled on anyone of these OS .. I Got two VPS one is Windows Server 2016, the other is LINUX Server Ubunto 16 ...
  6. Yusuf El-Shora

    Linux Vs Windows!

    Well as the titled said, I'm thinking about turning from Windows to Linux due to some source probems like (silence /protection potions)..:( I cant fine a source data for windows tfs 0.4 contain both of these but i got the linux source full ..:cool: Here is my question, is it better? Dealing...
  7. Yusuf El-Shora

    Lua Zombie Event Stones & other console error 0.4

    hey there i'm using tfs 0.4 .. and facing some problems, first of all it's the zombie event, it's working okay but there is a stones closing the zombie area and when I say /zombie start the stones are removed automatic duo to this script : function getZombiesEventPlayers() local players =...
  8. Yusuf El-Shora

    Gesior Shop Categories [Need Help Strongly]

    Hello Otlanders.. I'm using tfs 0.4 and Gesior2012 .. I'm setting up my website using the edition of Gesior Acc2012 Which I downloaded from here [Gesior 2012] TOP Edition . But here is the thing, In my ot i got 4 kind of items (Rare-Epic-Legend-Iceborn-Additional). and I'm not using...
  9. Yusuf El-Shora

    Solved Gesior Shop error & Items Effect on equip

    hello there, I didn't want to make 2 topics for the problems I'm facing Support section stays clean as possible . I'm using tfs 0.4 & Gesior Acc .. My problems are : 1) For Gesior Acc, when i add two items in the - Additional Items - section shown below : the first items takes his original...
  10. Yusuf El-Shora

    Solved Help With Pushing tile .Lua script

    Well hello everyone .. I'm setting up my own otserver and fixing staff.. But now I searching for a script that pushes players when the are teleported to temple .. So players dont stuck on each other the script function is to push them in any random direction .. Also I making Zombie event but...
  11. Yusuf El-Shora

    Using Port 8080 Instead Of Port 80

    I apologize if i'm interrupting you guys.. But my ISP blocking port 80, and I can't host my ot server. Sadly i'm facing this problem for too long after days of working on my ot I can't set it online :/ I'm disappointed, tried everything, now I want to change to port 8080 instead of port 80 ...
  12. Yusuf El-Shora

    Solved Invalid account name

    hey there ... i managed to setup the server and everything works fine .. made an account with account manager in game, and logged in (works fine too) .. the thing is when i made a website, and created and account throw it, and tried to login i get "Invalid account name" .. checked the (sha1)...
  13. Yusuf El-Shora

    Solved Need help setting up an OT server

    Well at first i'm trying to create a 8.6 Ot server but got some problems i followed some videos to do it but every video have a problem with some links, :confused: last video i was following was this : but i cant download "Latest Pre-Compiled TFS .exe" as it seems the linked have been...
  14. Yusuf El-Shora

    Teleports and some errors

    Hi guys , hope you all are fine :) - i'm almost done with my Ot but having some errors and questions .. 1. how to make teleport with it's name pops up ? (searched alot and found nthing) ---- the errors i'm having is : 1 . [Warning - Items::loadFromXml] Unknown type rune . 2 . [Warning -...
  15. Yusuf El-Shora

    Login Problem

    hi , i searched in many topics but did not find the solution .. i tried to login my ot but got connection error when i click on account manager then i got this and copied it to myphpadmin ... - - tried to login...
  16. Yusuf El-Shora

    Creating Ot ..

    Hi Guys , hope you all are fine :) - well this is my first try to create an Ot .. i watched many videos and learned how to do it and got one to online state .. but i wanted to change the map , temple ,etc - downloaded many clients from here but i only find a Data folder . how i can use only a...