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Search results

  1. andree

    function onDeath

    deathList works in this way that [1] shows a player who recently killed CID, deathList[2] shows player who one before last killed cid etc?
  2. andree

    More addons

    hey. 3 addon blend first and second addon to one. I want to create 4, 5, 6 addon when i equip a special item( I do it) but when I activate 4th addon then first disappear and 4th with 5th doesnt work. only 3th addon can blend addons to one. i want to have all addons in one time
  3. andree

    change client version

  4. andree

    drivers for my laptop

  5. andree

    konfiguracja vps

    hej, 2 dni temu kupilem vpsa i chcialbym postawic swojego evo, ale nie mam pojecia jak sie za to zabrac, probowalem ogarniac sam, ale to mi nie laczylo z ftp w winscp, ogolnie to problemow duzo. ktos moglby mi pomoc na GG lub FB wyjasnic wszystko krok po kroku? gdy zarobie pierwszy milion z sms...
  6. andree

    proxy's ip

    its possible to check XX IP is proxy?
  7. andree

    stare serwery z custom map

    zna ktos takie? chodzi mi bardziej od tibii 8+ prosilbym tez o linki
  8. andree

    change client version

  9. andree

    protected tibia.spr

    how to protect tibia.spr that no one can look into it? or that you could not see half of the sprites like altaron or pokexgames
  10. andree

    private shop system

    welcome, looking for a private shop system. player creates a npc who sells his items. I found some system, but he was portuguese and was missing a couple of features in it.
  11. andree

    turning off the engine after loading map

    when I add something in the source is okay, compiles without problems, but sometimes the engine will compile it after loading map engine is shut off. what I add is fine, just sometimes it happens, whether the fault of the compiler? I have no fucking idea what's up with that! I spent on this...
  12. andree

    function blockwalls

    hi. i need function blockwalls like spells. i have creaturescript, when i have stars in 10 slot then remove item and take dmg, but player can throw through walls :/
  13. andree

    fog / white-black screen

    it is possible, how to do it? like that :) 4:28
  14. andree

    crosshair in spell

    it is possible to do a spell, which after use gives us crosshair, similar to the runes?
  15. andree

    save position

    hey guys. teleports me in the designated position, after a moment teleports in the former position. the question is how to save the old storage position to be able to return there? function back(cid, var) local playerPosition = getCreaturePosition(cid) doCreatureSetStorage(cid, 5421, '_' ...
  16. andree

    if use on self XXX else YYY

    i tried this: function onUse(cid, item, position, itemEx, toPosition) if getCreatureName(cid) == getCreatureName(cid) then doPlayerCastSpell(cid, "exura") else doPlayerCastSpell(cid, "exori frigo") end return true end still uses the "exori frigo" instead of exura
  17. andree

    function doPlayerLearnInstantSpell doesnt work

  18. andree

    new equipment slot, possible?

    i want to add new equipment slot for another items its possible? if so, how?
  19. andree

    Naruto ots. The plan spells

    together with a friend, we plan to make naruto ots. we have a dispute about the amount of spells. please vote for the best idea. you can also write your ideas about spells. 1) the first version is that we only have 5 spells and 2 extra, which term gain from the mission. later we can get spells...
  20. andree

    2 map in one editor ??

    how to open two maps in one map editor ?? if I opened a map and I click next it closes the first :/