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    OTCi - OTClient improvement project

    Good release, waiting for project. :eek: Im gonna donate 5 Zlotych Polskich. o_O
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    TalkAction /adm to turn GOD, / player to turn PLAYER

    Nice release! Advanced script! Good work!
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    [TFS 1.0+] (C++ probably) - Time / Light on specific area.

    Hello there dear OTLanders, I wonder if it's possible in Sources or even LUA [1.0+] to get something like: All the entire in-game time is dark (night) on specific area on map (regardless of the passing time in the game and the time of day and night cycle on that area always be night/dark)...
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    Script for function onStepIn

    function onStepIn(creature, item, position, fromPosition) local player = creature:getPlayer() if player == nil or player:isInGhostMode() then return true end local basehealth = player:getMaxHealth() local basemana = player:getMaxMana() if...
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    C++ Help TFS 1.2

    Tile.cpp int16_t Tile::getHeight() const { int32_t height = 0; if(ground) { if(ground->hasProperty(CONST_PROP_HASHEIGHT)) { ++height; } } if(const TileItemVector* items = getItemList()) { for (const Item* item : *items) { if...
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    TFS 1.X+ RunOnHealth Monster Behaviour

    Yeah but I want that behaviour as you can see monster is doing something like: - Turn into the player; - Stepback But for now the monster is completely running like chicken from player :/
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    TFS 1.X+ RunOnHealth Monster Behaviour

    The Video, explain what Im looking for:
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    TFS 1.X+ RunOnHealth Monster Behaviour

    Hello there dear OTLanders! Im looking for someone who could handle my request for changing a little bit behaviour of monsters which got RunOnHealth flag. Now the monster behaviour with that flag is: I want to change that to get their behaviour like this: I know that in older versions of...
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    [TFS 1.0+] Certain NPC ignore queue.

    Hello there~ Anyone would be that helpful to help me with creating an argument to the NPC System like: - If certain NPC have value ex. ignoreQueue all players can speak with him? He just ignoring the queue system Thanks in advance, Have a nice day and whole week, Cheers!
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    Solved save skulls from removing

    I told him he must completely change default fragsystem in sources.
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    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG

    Still Burst Arrows don't work. Based on your formula: While I got 26 magic level and 37 level. 26 * 0.10 + 37 * 0.55 2.6 + 20.35 So I should hit: 3.6 + 20.35 = 23.95 ~ 24 24 should be my max hit. But everytime i hit "0". Fix the god damn burst arrows. Or lets test it together. I got...
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    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG

    Nope, The older giants are stolen from Altaron. But now he got new giants.
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    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG

    To be honest. F*ck this server. You guys had 100% right of R.yan lazyness and money in eyes. I found out for myself: I reported to him that burst arrow don't have right 7.4 formula and he told me to write to him tomorrow with a reminder. Tomorrow I wrote to him to remind about that bursts and...
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    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG

    The only total shit on this server is you, so don't tell me bullshit if you no know where this situation.
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    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG

    @Tampik back Maybe he throw his backpack to water/swamp/lava? Most people doing that to don't give their loot to PKer`s. I got 60 ms and spend 0 $ on this server and I didn't notice any "corrupted" situation. Also I have a money from items in my pocket. Maybe try hunt some custom monsters ;)...
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    Dont use haste in certain area

    change local playerpos = player:getPosition() to local playerpos = creature:getPosition()
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    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG

    Working without bugs
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    Here I have this new Tibia Summer Update

    SALA DE BOSS hai b0ss is english chit-chat there b0ss can I habe pussy plez
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    I had my server ddosed

    Why you tagged Marcus and R.yan when they probably doesn't even know about existance of your super server with removed walls in temple, kek.
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    One message in pz temple?

    function getPlayersfromArea(a, b) local c = {} for x = a.x, b.x do for y = a.y, b.y do for z = a.z, b.z do local d = getTopCreature({x=x, y=y, z=z}).uid if d ~= 0 and isPlayer(d) then table.insert(c, d)...