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  1. Dante_/

    [France] ArchlightOnline - New Season Feb. 15th 2019

    Im not sure about it ( maybe I started playing last era too late ) lets see how it will looks this season.
  2. Dante_/

    [France] ArchlightOnline - New Season Feb. 15th 2019

    Do you have any idea how to improve PvP? I mean dungeons are "prioritized" so players don't have even to set up bot on normal spawns because most of experience and rewards are from dungeons. I miss Archlight where players had to exp ( do tasks ) on normal spawns so people had to set bot (...
  3. Dante_/

    Slec's latest mapping pieces.

    Looks AWESOME!! Are you mapping for any server or just to "waste" time? ;)
  4. Dante_/

    Ots 11

    Z tego co mi wiadomo to nie ma ots pod clienta 11. Są za to serwery, które mają "najnowsze" update'y.
  5. Dante_/

    Do you know?

    I dont get this meme. All I know is that one YouTuber recorded a "gameplay" from VR and then it went viral.
  6. Dante_/

    Naruto exp place

    This place looks like square a bit and there is a lot of objectives on the edges and center looks empty.
  7. Dante_/

    [MaSny] Mapping

    Keep it up. For me the best 'places' are waterfall next to city walls ( I guess ) and "1v1 arena".
  8. Dante_/

    Just a small hobby.

    Actually I watched every episode of TV show and Jackass movies for like 3-4 times, so I guess I enjoyed it. :)
  9. Dante_/

    [Cover music] Ariana - Lostboy

    Well. "This video is unavailable."
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    Which server you would like to play?

    Why you are even asking? And why you even put "" in this thread? Pansuchar wanted to know on which server we would like to play. ( Your post has been reported "" )
  11. Dante_/

    Which server you would like to play?

    I would like to play on evo map ( changed a little bit of course ) server with medium exp and Tibia 10+.