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    [Poland] Zagan Square 7.6 ( Legends Back ) | Launch 2018-03-30 | 18:00 CET

    Adres']Homepage: Zagan Square - Home Official start server Zagan Square 7.6! We invite you to the wonderfull tibia server for 7.6 client with its own map and its own scripts and unique graphics of items! Server made from scratch comes back to life .. Small info: Task system System barrier pvp...
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    OTClient How block otclient login on server

    Hello guys i got server on yurots 7.72, why i can block connects from otclient because its crashed my server
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    Lua Task Script (7.6) like Grizzly Adams Help

    I have a problem with edit this lua task scripter. I need help with function when i said hi>easy>dragons and the task npc say me how many dragons i need to kill, like hi>easy>dragons>npc said You need to kill 200 Dragons. You want hunt ? and i said yes to start a task. Someone can help me? its...
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    AAC [XML] Need someone to make paypal 7.6 xml script

    Like as title, i need someone who make paypal script for 7.6 xml server, edited gesior paypal script or something. I can paid for this!
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    C++ [YUROTS] 7.72 XML Status vip online/offline

    Hello guys i need a help with VIP. When i add player if he is online its show me on vip "he is online", but if i restart server, then status not refreshed. After restart server if i login on server, then in vip its show me offline, but player is online. Where in source i can change this?.
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    C++ [YUROTS] Need to change push player delay

    Hello guys someone remember where i can change push delay for player?, because for now i think its 0 and i can pushing player without delay... its my game.cpp Wklejka #3375259 –
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    C++ OTSERV 0.6.4 8.6 to 8.0

    someone can tell me what sources i need edit to downgrade otserv from 8.6 to 8.0 client?, or someone can tell me what distro for 8.0 for now its stable. Thanks
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    C++ Convert from 7.6 to 7.72 debug vip list

    Hello guys i convert yurots 7.6 to 7.72, all its work but i have problem with add someone to vip list. If i want add someone to vip list i got debug about packets, same its with change player lvl if i change player level or mlvl i got debug after login. Someone can help me ? Debug about vip...
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    TFS 0.X [SEARCH] Distro for 7.4/7.72 or 8.0

    Hello guys someone have distro TFS for 7.4/7.72 or 8.0?
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    Linux [OTHire] Launch server with custom map from yurots

    Hello guys, hello @Peonso. I need help rlly help. I found on my hard drive a custom rpg map, but its from yurots, i got a working datapack its modifed yurots with custom map custom sprites. I got items.otb , tibia.dat,tibia .spr and a map. So what i need to do to launch this on OTHire...
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    C++ [YUROTS] EDIT SOURCE 7.6 to 7.72

    Hello guys someone know what i need to do. I got modifed yurots linux distro 7.6 and i want change sources to play at 7.72 version. What i need to do?
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    Windows [HELP] Change Tibia 8.6 Title and Info

    Hello guys i want to make custom client and now i need to change tibia title , and button Access Account to my www, and button info about change Tibia Windows client Version 8.6 to np; Custom OTS Client Version 1.0
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    C++ [SEARCH] Convert OLD RPG MAP to stable 7.x distro

    Hello guys im searching a guy who can convert my old datapack 7.6 (yurots modifed) to actually stable distro 7.72. In my old datapack from yurots i got map, sprites, itp. I want launch this old files in new distro like tfs 0.4 or otx
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    Windows OTX 3.9 with map from other distro

    Hello guys i compiled otxserver 3.9 for version 7.72. I got my old very big rpg map from another distro i think its from yurots. Now i want launch this map on distro otx 3.9 for 7.72. What i need to do guys. I got a errors, about missing items on map like this. What i need to do. I got a old...
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    Linux [SEARCH] TFS 0.4 for 7.x version (7.4/7.6)

    Someone know where i can get this distro tfs 0.4 downgraded for old 7.x version?
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    [SZUKAM] TFS 0.4 pod 7.6 7.72

    Witam czy ma ktoś dostęp do tego silnika? TFS 0.4 pod 7.6 7.72
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    C++ yurots 0.9.4 how upgrade from 7.6 to 7.72

    Hello guys, someone know how to edit yurots 0.9.4 sources file to upgrade from 7.6 client to 7.72. I got my old datapack with full scripted rpg map, (40mb) i didint know how open this datapack on newest distributions like otx or avesta, so i need to edit old yurots 0.9.4 and change version from...
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    The Forgotten Server 0.4 7.x

    Hello guys. Someone know where i can download tfs 0.4 for 7.72?
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    Lua OTXserver2 cant shoot with rune invisible monsters

    hey guys i have problem on otx2 server, i cant shoot sd/hmm/lmm invisible monster, like stalker or warlock?. With GM i can shoot , but if player going kill stalker when he is invisible, player got info u cant use on this creature something like that. Someone solved this problem?. Please HELP!!
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    How to edit path to save maps from tibia client

    Hey guys i make a custom client, i change all but i need change a path to save maps from tibia client, its saved map in tibia folder, but i want to change path to folder "/maps". Please help help