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    Gaming Seabis on Aurora

    Hi. I decided to post some of screens from my gaming/farming on Aurora. Hope u enjoy :) EK #1 Starting level : 136 Skills : 94/87 Acc status : FACC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EK #2 Starting level : 70 Skills : 92/84 Acc status : FACC...
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    Signature By Seabis

    Try it! :D 1. 2. 3.
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    Mapper ERETH Project need your help

    Hello everybody!!! I am the member of Ereth Server. We are looking for creative and experienced mappers with advanced knowledge! Dedicated: 16GB DDR3 - Intel® Xeon® X3440 4x 2.53 GHz; 100 mbps uplink - Hosted from: St. Louis, USA Looking for: - MAPPER. * You will receive a GM position...
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    I need some help with map bug

    How can I solve this problem?
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    Ereth Official Mapping Thread

    Ereth official mapping thread. Dear otlanders let me introduce you official screenshots thread propagated by mappers of Ereth Project to realize you our godlike. Mappers: - Seabis - Swordfish - Evon Screenshots...
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    Mapper Looking for a job

    I'm looking for a job my works: more info on PW/GG:3779086/MSN: [email protected]
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    [8.54] Pyre by seabis

    Pyre SEABIS EDITION Screens:
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    Arteria Island

    Arteria Island My old map, idea by rookki90 Screenies: >DOWNLOAD LINK<
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    Mapper My application

    I want to stop spam in my Mailbox soo: ---------------------------------------- I'm looking for a payable job! Age: 17 Position: Mapper on rather good and popular server Country: Poland <3 Languages: ofc. Polish and basic English Online time: It depends on a day (u know school etc.)...
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    Gaming [KYRA] All OtLanders from Kyra!

    Hello Anyone who plays on Kyra post your screenies here! Fresh meat from mine new Knight : :3 Regards and invitations, Seabis
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    "Seabis the tarded mapper reactivation"

    I was bored as fuck so i decided to back to the mapping: Old fuckin' relases: and almost brand new: Tarded regards, SEABIS
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    Tixania Rl Map + Custom Project

    Hello Guys. Let me introduce you new polish server, This is real map with custom places, quests and towns. We have almost full RL Map base, whole working Rl Quests and some new stuff, such a new designed Oken, Gengia and a little bit of Pyre. We added new islands and quests too...
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    [8.54] Bog Raiders, Demons, Nightmares from

    Here i give u some spawns fro popular polish OTS - Some screenshots: >>DOWNLOAD<<
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    [8.54] Ghenov form

    Here is ghenov map, can see it on popular serwer - Some screens: >>DOWNLOAD<<
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    [8.5x] Osceria Evolutions Serwer Thread

    Here i want to post all my mapping works for my ot serwer called "Osceria". On my serwer u will see full edited evo map with about x100 exp rate :] First screen:
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    [POLAND] 8.54-8.57 backs starts again on Thursday (24.06.2010)at 5:00pm! - Rl map edited in ~40% - Rl Paralyze - Balanced vocations - Exp multiplier: 1 - 50 250x 51 - 100 100x 101 - 130 70x 131 - 150 45x 151 - 180 25x 181 - 200 9x 201 - 240 4x 241 - 300 3x 301+? 2x - Skill multiplier x35 - Magic LvL...
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    Gaming PLAYERS

    Come and see: VEXORIA
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    [POLAND][8.54] - zapraszamy!!!

    (prezentacja w formie obrazka trzeba poczekać aż sie zaladuje)
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    seabis signature thread

    Maybe only 1 now:
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    seabis gallery

    Some Dark Arts: Lost silence by ~seabis on deviantART Undead couple by ~seabis on deviantART Dark Side by ~seabis on deviantART