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  1. Bogart

    TalkAction Random room event TFS 1.2

    Hello everyone After remembering this event that used to be in Slain (rip :( ) I decided to recreate it. Basically it's a luck type of game: Players go into the event area and are given N time to pick a room. After a moment (configurable) players that aren't in a room are automatically sent to...
  2. Bogart

    [MOD] Paintball event 0.4/0.3.6pl1

    Hello there! today I bring you my latest creation, a paintball event. I started this script like 3 years ago and didn't finish it; 3 days ago I decided to finish it for fun which means the code might be a lil different in some parts, anyway... IT IS HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT THE...
  3. Bogart

    Retiring from OtLand :D

    Well guys, after thinking about this for a couple of weeks, I've decided to retire from OtLand as I do not have any interest in Open Tibia and since I've started being an inactive moderator. I'd like to thank all of you guys (except you jerks from the TwifySoft board) for all the things I've...
  4. Bogart

    OtLand Arabian Board and staff recruitment (April Fools Joke)

    Hello OtLanders, It has come to the attention of the OtLand staff that there are many Arabians in OtLand that would love to have an own board, it seemed unfair to have an unused board like the Dutch one which has been implemented and not used for a long time now, so after a long time and a big...
  5. Bogart

    Legit lottery!

    Hello and welcome to my thread. Lottery number 1: The price for each ticket is 50cc, you're only allowed to buy 2 tickets maximum (don't try to cheat creating another account in the forums, I'll check the IP). The prizes are: 1st: 300cc 2nd: 125cc 3rd: 75cc Number Character...
  6. Bogart

    Funny LoL videos!

    Post all of them!
  7. Bogart

    Happy birthday Owned!

    <33333333 happy birthday bro :D!!<3
  8. Bogart

    Happy birthday Samme!

    Happy birthday Samme!(unless it's a "hurr durr Aprils fool joke")
  9. Bogart

    Happu birthday _Arthur

    Doubt you'll actually see the thread, but whatever, happy birthday bro!
  10. Bogart

    Happy birthday Lagmacun!

    Happy birthday bro <3! Have a nice day :D!
  11. Bogart

    Happy birthday dusieqq!

    Happy birthday! wish you the best of the best. You can now drink legally in the United States of America!
  12. Bogart

    Happy birthday TibiaWr!

    Happy birthday Justin! (if it's actually your birthday and not just a random date which you introduced to make your account) Wish you the best of the best.
  13. Bogart

    [Tom Clancy´s H.A.W.X.] Anyone???

    Since I don't see anyone playing HAWX on Tunngle, would someone like to join me :D? only HAWX 1, I don't want to buy HAWX 2 since i heard 1 is better :D. Don't say that I should play BF 3 (or any other game, HAWX EXCLUSIVE THREAD), my pc CAN'T RUN IT. -Any off-topic post will get deleted-...
  14. Bogart

    Gaming [PvP-E] Bogart's & Zatjin's life thread

    So well, I was bored and decided I was going to start in a PvP-E aka hardcore server. So, lets start! Level 3 :D(ImgSnapper got eff'd up, that's why I had to write the advance): level 4 :3 :
  15. Bogart

    [Zantera] Anyone?

    Anyone gonna play? we can even make an Otland guild :p! and war vs otfans guild >;3 jkjk also join Zantera's group. OTLAND PLAYERS LIST: Bogart: Name: GM I don't know yet. Position: Gamemaster Prest: Name: Prest Vocation: [Master] Sorcerer Santi: Name: ??? Vocation: [Elder] Druid Nevermore...
  16. Bogart

    Happy birthday Three Magic!

    Happy birthday brah :333
  17. Bogart

    [MOD]Team VS Team + Map Changer.

    Hello and welcome to my thread. First of all I'd like to give Syntax the credits for the Map changer. Also, my script is based on Gatupojk's script. Okay, questions: Q:why this scripts sucks? you suck panda! A:no, u. Q:Why do you use isInRange? A:Because maybe people would like to have...
  18. Bogart

    balacera santos vs morelia! old news, pero de todos modos o.o a lo que ha llegado este pais :/
  19. Bogart

    Happy birthday RED!!!

    Happy birthday. Hope you enjoy it :D
  20. Bogart

    Best way to level up a sorcerer?

    ehmm well, I've never leveled up a sorcerer so.. what's the best and fast way to level up a sorcerer without premium?