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  1. jaicob

    OpenTibia SPR Replacement Project

    Oh sorry i must've completely misunderstood the words you put in your first post. Don't say something if you obviously don't want it, i don't want to "derail" your thread so I'll leave you to it i don't have any grudge with you and I'm not going to make one either from my part atleast so I'll...
  2. jaicob

    OpenTibia SPR Replacement Project

    It is an interesting project and you obviously gave it some thoughts, However your approach and attitude is questionable. First of all as I see it there you just wrote a wall of text which half is about your hatred for Peonso, the rest of us do not really care about your personal relationship...
  3. jaicob

    Creating items or using lever destroys the tile

    post the lever script you use
  4. jaicob

    Can someone support me with this?

    no problem good luck :)
  5. jaicob

    Can someone support me with this?

    Oh yea i totally forgot a "then" just woke up guess i need my coffee to function :) fixed the script in the other message. A tip is to read the error message, it says that it's missing a "then" around line 22 then go there and check what could be possible wrong and you'll learn to scout for...
  6. jaicob

    Can someone support me with this?

    When you click the items after the barrels are deleted the script tries to access something that doesn't exist therefore it returns a "nil value" what you can do is check if checking if the barrels exist and if they return a nil value return that it's not possible. if...
  7. jaicob

    Popular PvP cities in 7.x?

    That is the worst idea, that takes away another dimension while PvPing, knowing where to run to not get slowed down and take advantage should be rewarded.
  8. jaicob

    would u like to play in tibia thats not pay2win ?

    You completely misunderstood my point, I know very well the technical difference of a monthly subscription and a premium system, what I'm saying is that in the essence of it it's the same thing, with your way of looking at it, if a subscription for a game cost 20£ If 2 players of the same skill...
  9. jaicob

    would u like to play in tibia thats not pay2win ?

    Well there are different degrees of pay to win in my opinion, oldschool tibia with only premium as an option is not pay to win, per definition it might be described as pay to win but for me pay to win is not paying for content like a premium status if you then need premium to play properly then...
  10. jaicob

    would u like to play in tibia thats not pay2win ?

    What is the difference between a monthly subscription and premium? if you agree that a monthly subscription is okay premium is a lite version of it where the player can test the game before purchasing anything in my opinion that is better than a monthly subsciption. P2W is in my opinion a toxic...
  11. jaicob

    Giving early access to a few players problem

    Well it's not what i like or support in any way and i think it's bad for an OT but very easily done, one easy way is just a simple movement action to prevent players without that status to get outside the temple like a premium bridge in old rook.
  12. jaicob

    [OT Project] [Idea] [Space] [Starbound] [Sci-Fi]

    It's a fun idea but i don't think Tibias interface is very friendly for a space game, still a fun idea and with great creativity it could work i guess
  13. jaicob

    Reporting Scam

    As long as he doesn't use your map on any of his servers it's not scamming which i strongly doubt, he is simply just not satisfied with the work and therefore shouldn't pay to not use it.
  14. jaicob

    High Brothers Town New Project

    Why is there an igloo indoors and why is the igloo placed on a carpet :] That could be the first of many questions.
  15. jaicob

    players cant logout on my server

    That is actually true if it happened once it's going to happen again you got a "trigger" somewhere that causes that issue and next time someone or something trigger it you will have the same problem again. try check out the server log for any errors.
  16. jaicob

    players cant logout on my server

    write what you did to fix it for others with similar problems, help them like people tried you help you :]
  17. jaicob

    Because reason 8.6 and not 8.7?

    For me it's the mounts i really dislike mounts.
  18. jaicob

    Best Game N64

    Mario Kart, Super smash bros without any hesitation. Ironically it's the exact same setup for GameCube.
  19. jaicob

    Battle Royale - share your thoughts!

    My point on the custom client was rather that the time that consumes you should rather put into making the game balanced and good, more focus on gameplay rather than visuals and after that you can look into the custom parts.
  20. jaicob

    Battle Royale - share your thoughts!

    I agree completely with Znote, worst issue for a server like BR is that you always need active players online to make it work, if there is no one online no new players can try it and it's hard to get it going, therefore you might lose some people by doing custom client or similar. To start with...