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  1. hemrenus321

    [Znote AAC] fibula74 layout

    no, you dont need drawing pad to make webdesigns, im doing all the work with my mouse. Some dirt brushes, textures, light effects and you have simple design like this one. ps: if i remember correctly top navigation bar is "borrowed" from some old wow cataclysm website, unnamed layout #3 and #4...
  2. hemrenus321

    [Znote AAC] fibula74 layout

    idk what you mean i hope that u're not mad at me, because this layout isn't yours, since you didn't paid for it ;) also good luck in your next project
  3. hemrenus321

    [Znote AAC] fibula74 layout

    im releasing this layout since @vicki24 / @tjafs (its the same person) never paid me for it PSD files for logo, widgets and slides included enjoy
  4. hemrenus321

    Alignment to the right - PHP/HTML

    <?php $powergamers = $SQL->query("SELECT name, experience, exphist_lastexp FROM players WHERE group_id < 2 ORDER BY experience - exphist_lastexp DESC LIMIT 5;"); ?> <div class="col-3 pull-right"> <div...
  5. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #4

    thank you :), yes its for sell
  6. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #4

    credits to cipsoft for background image css transitions:
  7. hemrenus321

    AAC Website help

    use ctrl+f5 - force cache to refresh ;)
  8. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #3

    thanks! :)
  9. hemrenus321

    Webdesigner Searching for someone with CSS skills

    pm me with details :P
  10. hemrenus321

    Takie tam, lista serwow.

    10/10 imdb
  11. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #3

  12. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #3

    bump :)
  13. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #3

  14. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #3

    thank you :)
  15. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #3

    better quality pic: background artwork by Cipsoft
  16. hemrenus321

    Our letter of resignation

    i will miss you GoD EvOlErA! Take care :( ps: im still waiting for shitserver v2
  17. hemrenus321

    [Znote AAC] old school layout

    layout/overall/header.php, line ~281 should look like this: <div class="title"> <span class="cufon" style="text-transform: uppercase;text-align: center;line-height: 43px;font-size: 16px;"> <?php $page_s = basename($_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"], '.php')...
  18. hemrenus321

    Jaki slinik 10.98?

    tfs 1.2
  19. hemrenus321

    Graphic Designer Searching for a layout designer

    i can do that