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    These kicks are getting behond a fucking joke now, do something about them.. @Mark @Hani @Siramix
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    make a fucking rollback of 10 minutes you wankers.
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    server getting ddos'd? mass lags
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    Selling House in Senja

    330 SQM and 10 Beds! Senja Clanhouse offers please.
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    [ED] Don Baws

    Starting a life thread for a Paladin I have low level atm but gonna get higher obviously. I'll add goals and shit later. Heres the first screenshot, Equipment is shit because I was hacked on my chars, haha.
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    Another RS Trap

    I didn't fall for it OFC I actually have brains but ye guy tryna RS trap. I know my EQ sucks as I was hacked so ,,i,,
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    Anyone actually playing Aurora here?
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    Buying Full warrior addon

    PM me ingame on Merkz.
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    [EK] Merkz Lifethread

    Thought i'd start a life thread, at level 150 though. More to come.
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    Gaming [RTS] Merkz on Secura

    Decided to renew premium and XenoBot and carry on with Niro Alth on Secura. There will be a new Knight added aswell, hes just offline training atm until he gets some alright skills. This thread should be updated regulary with levels and loots etc. Gonna start off with this picture...
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    Selling Lifetime Subscription to XenoBot

    For more information on XenoBot goto XenoBot - News If you are interested in buying my Lifetime subscription than PM me! taking offers. If offering real money must be PayPal as a Gift. I might also accept characters, just pm me world and information. Taking tibia gold in any world...
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    Help xD

    picture says it all
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    Horriblest thing ever

    Some kids placed strong firecracker in the mouth of this animal and made sure he could not open it. The world is like this. To these kids it must have been a macabre fun for a few minutes and then they continued with their life like nothing happened. To this animal, his life ended during those...
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    Gaming Mine and Bogart's adventures on Lordaeron!

    This thread is screenies of mine and bogart's adventures on lordaeron, We are currently exploring the map and killing monsters such as, dragons, minos and cycs. We have only died 1x each but many more deaths to come xD. Here we are owning a mino guard! Many more to come!
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    Selling Titania [55 EK] - Titania [26 RP]

    55 EK - 26 RP - What you see on the characters are what they come with. The account doesn't have any criminal record and non of the characters are hunted. The 55 EK has bear mount when premium is activated. I don't have the Recovery Key, that was lost when I reinstalled windows 7 :S...
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    Removing EVERYONES frags

    Can anyone post me the query to remove everyones frags in phpmyadmin?
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    [Sweden][Best Real Map][PvP] HighExp 8.6 RL

    Welcome to Arachnas Real-Map +Razachai / Gengia/Oken/Pyre! - Server Information! IP: Arachnas.com port: 7171 Client: 8.6 Website: Arachnas - Latest News -> SkillRate Experience (stage) Lootrate: 4.5 Skillrate: 60 Magicrate: 30 Spawnrate: 2 -> Quest! Demon Helmet Quest...
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    Gaming [RTS] Knight - Titania

    New start at Titania i think i'll be getting premium today not sure but once i get premium i'll start leveling.
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    Complaint yrexz.

    Please ban this retard all hes doing is making stupid ass threads and posting pictures of other peoples work.. Thanks, Merkz.
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    [Sweden] Alzora [8.6] RL Map

    IP: Alzora.sytes.net (Port: 7171) Tibia version: 8.6 Online: 24/7 Global save: 6:00 World type: PVP (Protection level: >70) Houses are rentable/puable weekly. Houses with inactive owners are cleaned after 30 days All Quests Works 110%. we will also add the lower level quests in the update...