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  1. Kuzyn

    [General discussions] OS impacts the ping?

    Hey, I would like to open a discussion about running otclient on different operating systems. Have you experienced a ping problem with otclient? If yes, have you found out any solutions? I tried running modified otclient (used on RA) on two different specs, Win7 PC (components mainly from 2015)...
  2. Kuzyn

    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.6

    I see that @EdMignari is a little bit inactive on otland so I've decided to post it. REMERE'S MAP EDITOR V3.6 Load assets name from OTFI file Add more brushes Add welcome window Added toolbars Rearrange AID/UID order in tooltips for consistency Add option to find item on a selected area Item...
  3. Kuzyn

    Complaint Voting on dark theme

    Its almost impossible to see your vote on dark theme from distance. Could you make it more brighter?
  4. Kuzyn

    Kuzyn tries mapping again

    I tried to do some fun mapping again, just for showoff. Please leave a comment if you like it or want to say what should be done better. I'm trying to make a medieval village, at the beginning a fisherman's hut near bridge leading to the village. Credits to dami1310, chickens.
  5. Kuzyn

    TFS 1.X+ Proxy server for players in Americas

    Hello! We're trying to setup a proxy server for players in North and South America. For now, server is hosted in France. Can you recommend any proxy server? Will VPS be enough for this?
  6. Kuzyn


    www.rangersarcani.online Join the Ranger's Arcani Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/BafBt8c) Ranger's Arcani YT Ranger's Arcani FB Hello all! We are getting close to release of Ranger’s Arcani server. After all those years of development and many changes (project started in 2010) we are happy...
  7. Kuzyn

    Suggestion Advertisement - server details

    Hi! I found out that we need to fill details like server address, port and client protocol when posting topic in advertisement board. The problem is that many custom servers are based on otclient and they dont require any addresses, ports (no use of ip changer) and it's hard to say which client...
  8. Kuzyn

    [Ranger's Arcani] - Custom RPG coming!

    Please note, this topic is for ongoing tests and final fixes. Final announcement will be posted 7 days before launch. www.rangersarcani.online Join the Ranger's Arcani Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/BafBt8c) Ranger's Arcani YT Ranger's Arcani FB Hello all! We are getting close to release...
  9. Kuzyn

    Tibia Client 11.86 or similar, any list?

    Hey! Does anyone know any download list with Tibia Clients like 11.86? I found one on Otland but the newest is 11.20 Tibia Clients - Google Drive (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2-sMQkWYzhGSFhGVlY2WGk5czQ)
  10. Kuzyn

    [kuzyn mapping]

    Hey, I came back to mapping for fun. 2 years ago I have an idea for rpg server but I gave up. Now I'm trying to remake the map and add some new elements. Now it looks like that (pic 1). I will try to make everything closer to each other and next to the city 'main1', some of these things will be...
  11. Kuzyn

    Newest Tibia outfits converted into old frame system

    Hello! Does anyone have the newest Tibia outfits converted into old frame system (from 8 frames to 2)?
  12. Kuzyn

    Battle Royale - share your thoughts!

    Hey! We want to know (as we I mean Ranger's Arcani team) if you would like play on Battle Royale server. This kind of games are getting more and more popular. So we decided to discuss an idea of making this mode in Tibia. For sure it will work on modified otclient so Tibia version doesn't really...
  13. Kuzyn

    The end - for botters. BattlEye comes to Tibia

    I hope that it will eliminate every single botter from game. More info: Tibia - Free Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game - Forum How it works? BattlEye will not let you play the game if you're running any other program that brakes the Tibia Rules. It can also block Tibialyzer, No ping etc. but...
  14. Kuzyn

    TibiaBR left fansite programme - new open tibia site?

    What do you think about this?
  15. Kuzyn

    Winter Update 2016

    What's wrong with Cipsoft's graphic designer/designers??? https://www.facebook.com/tibia/photos/ms.c.eJwzNDA0NTa3MDI3NzA3Nzc2M9EzRBIxQxexsDRCE7E0AokAAAcXDmw~-.bps.a.380034702363.157028.79099572363/10153782770777364/?type=3&theater...
  16. Kuzyn

    Solved ZnoteACC and houses (RME)

    Hey. How I can add houses to the ZnoteACC? I tried adding house in RME but as I predicted, didnt work :P
  17. Kuzyn

    Where are you from? =)

    etc... Where are you from? This poll is just for statistics and my curiosity :p
  18. Kuzyn

    NPC [TFS 1.2] Spell trader (trade window)

    Authors: Base script Spell Seller For Trade by Critico Tabbing by J.Dre Rewritten by cbrm Fixed by Oskar TFS: 1.2 Tested: Yes (TFS 1.2, 1077 client) Warning! Spells list might be not complete or accurate. Remember to edit them by yourself. Lua script: How it works/config: if...
  19. Kuzyn

    Suggestion Stick thread with OTS lists

    Hey! That would be cool to have a list of all OTS lists in the advertisement board :) I know that otservlist.org is the main list, but it is legal to talk about others, so why not?
  20. Kuzyn

    [Custom] Open RPG - release date/discussion/teasers

    The final topic for the Open RPG project, server is dedicated to all people who wants to play on RPG low rates server with balanced economy, lot of quests and on the newest client (if possible). If you have any questions, just ask. If you like the project, please comment and share it! Links...