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  1. lord xavy

    [BR] [7.4] Realistic | A new seasoned server and the ONLY imune to DDoS | [03/12/2019]

    i am stepbrother bro, i am not team of other guild ... We all knew who should win, if the other team did not fight and the rules are not that we wanted to give the points because it was the most fair
  2. lord xavy

    [BR] [7.4] Realistic | A new seasoned server and the ONLY imune to DDoS | [03/12/2019]

    Unfortunately to say that they never gave the prize to the winner and nobody else will ever play their server. NEVER. the owner can say for the abuse, but it was not like that and he knows it because another team gave him the points because the one with the most points never fought. And that is...
  3. lord xavy

    [Germany/USA] [7.4] RetroCores [8/11 - 18:00 CET]

    great idea for new world in brasil... BUT IS NEW WORLD BRO.... YOU CANNOT PUT THE CHAR BE TRANSFERRED TO THAT WORLD ...
  4. lord xavy

    [Germany/USA] [7.4] RetroCores [8/11 - 18:00 CET]

    ot is good but when open in south america? in south america easy have 600-700 ons easy. realistic have 500 ons, but in usa i think ur have 70% brs in usa.... create in south america bro easy 700 ons.
  5. lord xavy

    [Brasil] [7.4] [Einera] Nov 15

  6. lord xavy

    [Brazil] [7.4] Realistic | World Battle BETA | EU/US INTERCONNECTED HOSTS | [25/09/2019]

    nice ot but 24 hrs ? wtf bro, i think 1 week not 24 hrs is ridicule
  7. lord xavy

    [USA][7.4/7.72] Realistic RealOTS FREE [Thursday, 12/13/2018]

    when open ot host in br?
  8. lord xavy

    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG - LAUNCHING NEW VERSION NEXT SATURDAY!

    Open other classicus in south america bro, many players playings ots 7.4 in south america now, but haves ots with many bugs... think about it, in europe few people play your ot for having a lot of variety of european ots
  9. lord xavy

    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG - LAUNCHING NEW VERSION NEXT SATURDAY!

    you need to open one for south america, since european does not last anything
  10. lord xavy

    [Germany, USA, Australia, Brazil] [7.4] Legendary MasterCores is coming back!

    hey hey high there ... one thing is runemaker, another very different is aimbot SD ... the other day a player named Abdu Mohamed Salad, hit the sd to a ladder character and hit sd to npc and then to a level 20 pulling injust ??? WHAT IS THAT IS AIMBOT SD XD! nobody cries for the farming of...
  11. lord xavy

    [Canada] [7.4] Raiz - Start 7 May, 8 PM CET

    ?? 1,30 or more? in pag Server start in 04 hours 41 minutes 20 seconds
  12. lord xavy

    [France] Waropolis - 7.X PvP-E Realmap - HR - Relive glory - April 20th, 2018

    nice ot but need other in south america bro :)
  13. lord xavy

    Gamemaster Searching for Gamemasters to MasterCores 7.4 Lowrate!

    create other in south america many ppls playing in south america tibia 7.4