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  1. Kuzyn

    CoronaVirus- What's your status?

    Update from Poland, starting from tomorrow 25.04: you can go out only to work, shop or in a serious need; in public transport only half of available seats; ban on gatherings of more than two people, does not apply to family members; Dunno if e.g. 2 people can go out for a walk in forest...
  2. Kuzyn

    CoronaVirus- What's your status?

    In Poland all schools, universities and shops (except food, restaurants with delivery, pharmacies) are closed. Also some parts of hospitals are closed due to lack of staff or to prevent people coming in without serious reason. Everyone makes a buzz about staying at home if you dont need to go...
  3. Kuzyn

    What happened to 'Elf'

    elf was online on Polish board in April last year, also Last seen Mar 5, 2020. So yea, his alive! ;D
  4. Kuzyn

    Nutopia Mini Map Progress

    Big progress :D! #minimapporn
  5. Kuzyn

    Suggestions for themes

    I think that you should prepare for some break from work or home office. Few days ago there was a big mess about closing up schools and universities in Poland, now they decided to close all shops except groceries and pharmacies and shutdown international travelling.
  6. Kuzyn

    Suggestions for themes

    Home office? Does it exists in UK? :P About banks, situation may change, I'm not sure but probably Italy did something to help people with loans. The same thing is discussed in Poland right now. btw. Imagine that people in biggest Polish cities pay little less than 550GBP for rented flat...
  7. Kuzyn

    Some sort of pixel gallery

    Honestly you should stick to that perspective ;)
  8. Kuzyn

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] - February Voting Thread

    Ok, so in my opinion: That is very simple and awesome, everything is perfectly matching here and author catched theme nicely. Colossus is so EPIC! The difference between both themes is not visible at first glance, you see some opposition but you need to look at it more to get it. Great piece...
  9. Kuzyn

    Can you please give back our signatures?

    There asome moderators on this forum so they can punish/delete incorrect signatures. Few OTS had rly good signatures, just simple and nice looking logo.
  10. Kuzyn

    New sprites in rme

    items.otb in client ver. folder?
  11. Kuzyn

    A trip down the OT memory lane.

    I remember playing on some 7.6 OTS but I started playing Tibia on 7.92, so I dont enjoy 7.1/7.4/7.6 at all. About website, I remember one with a lot of awesome sprites. WoF/WoT? I dont remember the name :(
  12. Kuzyn

    [Showoff] Dungeon System

    Zbizu is (or was?) back into OT, so maybe he will continue this.
  13. Kuzyn

    Can you please give back our signatures?

    Signatures are super for ot/service advertising
  14. Kuzyn

    Reimagination of Rookgaard

    Awesome work, love it. Waiting for more =)
  15. Kuzyn

    [list] CIPSoft lazy solutions

    wow, that rly looks like a mistake xd
  16. Kuzyn

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] - February Sign Up

    Screens from RME looks like shit.
  17. Kuzyn

    Hunting Ground Rebalancing

    The problem is that playing Tibia on high lvl is not a challenge in my opinion. And with that new grounds its easy to abuse it a lot.
  18. Kuzyn

    Przeniesienie mapy 7.92 na 10.98

    Może masz racje ale wydawało mi się, że zostawały te same.
  19. Kuzyn

    Open Tibia Communities?

    That tool looks awesome, is it hard to prepare Tibia-themed project? #topic About communities, we're trying revive the biggest Polish forum but there is a problem with forum script and database.
  20. Kuzyn

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] - January Voting Thread

    They look great but there are some better pieces, imo: 1. Nice work but too simple in comparision to others. 2. Very nice and clean piece but nothing is happening there. 3. For me that one is the best, one consistent theme, creatures, ruins, jungle, borders, pretty trees. 4. Looks nice but...