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  1. Raggaer

    OTSMyAdmin - Looking for ideas

    I recently started working on a database client for open tibia servers, my main idea was to provide some basic database admin tools (like view, edit, create) while providing statistics about different interesting stuff... However I cant really think about interesting stuff that should be...
  2. Raggaer

    Forum statistics

    I been gathering data from the forum and storing it for a while... Currently only thread data can be viewed, but I am soon planning to release graphs about posts data (and more!). Maybe someone is interested on some daily and monthly information about what happens in our forum. OTLand -...
  3. Raggaer

    OpenTibia Discord bot

    Tiger is a selfhosted discord bot mean to provide some utility commands for your server players Server status View monster victims, loot, information View player deaths, information Skill highscores View spells Death broadcasts The bot comes with a config file you need to edit before starting...
  4. Raggaer

    Ideas for a server discord bot

    Hey, I am developing a discord bot for open tibia servers, and I was wondering what features would you add to it? I have some already planned like: View monster (hp, exp, ...) View monster loot table View vocation info (speed, hp gain, mana gain, ...) View character Looking for ideas...
  5. Raggaer

    Programmer Client updater service

    Hello. I am offering my services creating client updaters (with launcher) to your Open Tibia servers. The service consists on me making an updater for whatever you need using a framework I have been working on these days. The updater uses HTML / CSS and TS (Some variation of JavaScript) for...
  6. Raggaer

    CSS pre processor

    I made a basic CSS compiler just for the lols and learning about lexers, parsers... dont hate https://github.com/Raggaer/GSS Currently it only supports variables but functions are planned
  7. Raggaer


    title says it all. best episode <33
  8. Raggaer

    Programmer [PHP] Scripts for any AAC

    Im offering my services as a web developer. I have a very solid experience on the web field. I know the workflow of all the public AACs out there. I am also very experienced with payment gateways (PayGol, PayPal, Fortumo, PagSeguro, EBANX, Cielo, PayULatam). You can view some of my programming...
  9. Raggaer

    Castro AAC

    Castro is a high performance content management system for Open Tibia servers. Supporting newest TFS schema at the moment. Thanks to @LordVissie for the image Main Features Extensible and solid lua support. Create your own logic using exclesively lua. Everything you need is exposed by...
  10. Raggaer

    Simple signature background

    Hello! Im looking for a signature background to use on an AAC im working on Im currently using something like this but feels very empty? Im also looking for someone to work with me on the AAC default template (using bootstrap) Thanks
  11. Raggaer

    What type should I use

    So I have been working on something for the past days and I want to know how you guys think I could make this part: So im trying to copy all tibia features as they are. But as you see on tibiacom shop you select an offer and pay X amount of EUR based on that offer. However this doesnt fit the...
  12. Raggaer

    Node.js AAC

    So... I came with the idea of making an AAC using Node.js (yay async events ftw). The idea is to make the base of it using the Express framework using mustache as the view engine With this AAC you wont need to run apache/nginx or whateva you using since the aac also acts as a http server so...
  13. Raggaer

    Advanced OTServer status

    So Im reading POT library and I decided to make a little server status based on POT and here it is https://github.com/Alvaritos/RAGOTStatus Features Gather general information from otserver Gather online players - level You can actually investigate with otserver packets and even check if a...
  14. Raggaer

    Test it please

    Hello guys, Im testing my webserver speed, wondering if ya can access this webpage Just need to gather some speed information so just load the page, just that, thanks! www.raggaer.com It creates some random squares depending on your IP and some other random numbers Thanks
  15. Raggaer

    Opinion about layout

    What you guys think about this layout im making for my aac, I think its simple but good-looking Not so sure about the green big buttons over there' maybe something darker
  16. Raggaer

    Mapper Looking for a mapper

    As the title says im looking for a mapper to help me do a cool pokemon map for the server im working on, the server is atm at my local pc host but its accesible so we can test the maps, using otclient, debian... If anyone needs more information or its interested please PM Me so we can chat. Thanks
  17. Raggaer

    Lua Exp rate

    Well, looking at http://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-0-lua-functions.197202/ I cant really see any function to increment the exp rate of a player, how can this be done? TFS 1.0 Thanks
  18. Raggaer

    Read your linux console output

    Maybe someone finds an use for this, what it does : http://4.ii.gl/EohwsP.png http://3.ii.gl/MLCfp.png And the code : $h = popen('cd /ot/forgottenserver && ./tfs', 'r'); if ($h) { while (!feof($h)) { $buf = fread($h, 1024); $fileHandle =...
  19. Raggaer

    Solved Exhaust script

    Im using tfs 1.0, how can I add exhaust to my script? (action) I tried this but no success local exhaust = createConditionObject(CONDITION_EXHAUSTED) setConditionParam(exhaust, CONDITION_PARAM_TICKS, 2000) function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local temple =...
  20. Raggaer

    Solved Depot items error

    Im using TFS 1.0 Compiled like 3 days ago, the error output is Lua Script Error: [MoveEvents Interface] data/movements/scripts/tiles.lua:onStepIn data/movements/scripts/tiles.lua:63: attempt to call method 'getDepotItems' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'getDepotItems'...