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  1. wyzr

    'I cried when...'

    Hello OtLand! Today, we (the Staff) were having a nice and funny chat about the times when we used to play Tibia and we started to share 'that silly moment that happened that caused me to cry a lot'. I noticed that if I read my experience again I feel kinda stupid... but if I read others it...
  2. wyzr

    Happy Holidays 2014!

    Greetings OtLand! Another year is coming to an end and we are so happy to receive 2015. We can't believe how fast time is passing, how many victories we had this year, how many failures we survived in our personal lives. But this is it! Take a tame to enjoy your family, have a nice dinner with...
  3. wyzr


    Anybody knows where is he? At least a good bye or suicide letter? http://otland.net/members/migxxx.22335/ Coolest guy in the world disappeared years ago, this thread is a desperate way to find him, i think it's impossible that nobody knows something about where is he right now. I mean he...
  4. wyzr

    Acerca del comercio en OTS

    El administrador cerró el foro Marketplace, lugar donde antes te era posible vender recursos de OpenTibia aquí en OtLand. Lo que aún se seguirá permitiendo en OTLand será la promoción de servicios hosting por los cuales si puedes cobrar, y esto solamente lo promocionarás (le harás publicidad)...
  5. wyzr

    Happy Holidays!

    Hello everybody! The OtLand staff would like to say how much we wish for you a Merry Christmas this year. Also, talking about this year, Fury told me that he is happy because we all survived this 2012 world's event (The Last Day 21st December). We hope that you can share (give and receive), and...
  6. wyzr

    Hi! THX

    Hi thx
  7. wyzr

    Wyzr's Lifethread

    This is my Lifethread in ShadowCores, I want to share my favourite experiences with the readers that comes to this thread. So: Thanks in advance for visiting. Update #1: Got a Panda :D. Update #2: New Screen. Update #3: My New House! Update #4 ~Just a photo, nothing important~ LOL. Update #5...
  8. wyzr

    My mounts

    Black sheep, donkey and war bear. I had to bought slingshot to get the bear...
  9. wyzr

    Happy Birthday Kornholijo!

    Thanks for not being on my taco.
  10. wyzr

    Friday 13th

    Hey, what's up, just wanted to know how have you been on this day? Maybe you don't believe on it, maybe you do... Well I don't know and I don't believe on this bad luck day. Great day for me until now Maybe someone will come to kill me tonight?
  11. wyzr

    Me duele el huevo izquierdo...

    ¿Qué hago para que me deje de doler? Thread Parody.
  12. wyzr

    Happy Birthday Jester!

    :D Happy Birthday dude
  13. wyzr

    I'm a murderer

    Today... damn, I just can't stop... shaking... damn... I'm scared yet... The truth is that I killed a bee. And this was my weapon. I never thought that I am good shooting a gun. It is a...P.698A................. Air sport gun xD!!! This is how the bee finished. The truth is...
  14. wyzr

    My best bug and I love it

  15. wyzr

    I'm Yours from Jason Mraz

    YouTube - Jason Mraz Im Yours Ukulele Cover ft. Uke3453 WITH LYRICS look this cover
  16. wyzr

    Feliz Navidad!

    Les deseo una noche de paz y felicidad a toda la comunidad de habla hispana :)
  17. wyzr

    Felicidades México!

    Por sus 200 años de co-dependencia independencia. VIVA!
  18. wyzr

    Microsoft Office 2010 The Movie Trailer...

    The title talks :( CLIPPY!!!!!! YouTube - Office 2010: The Movie I'm downloading it, later i'll post my review... PLEASE MICRO$T don't fail!
  19. wyzr

    Bye OTLand

    Stupidity Madness - OtLand Maybe i get back in this year
  20. wyzr

    Windows Firefox accents

    Hi, im using firefox and i have a problem. Since 1 month ago i cant put accents on firefox... it happens like this ´´á i have to make 3 accents to put it on letter. i tried reinstall firefox, using ccleaner, tuneup integrator disk cleaner, scanned pc. alot of things. I need accents cuz im...