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  1. HalfAway

    Convert a layout to Znote AAC

    Sure, I'll do it tonight. :P
  2. HalfAway

    Hoster I am looking for a person that is trusted in the OT world. [host]

    I could help with that, my discord tag is in my signature.
  3. HalfAway

    Change name a custom client

    Nope, thats a server by @Mestrow96. I'm just helping with some stuff related to engine/client. @Evil Puncker, Thanatos is mine :) OnT: The client is OTClient so Xenobot will not work.
  4. HalfAway

    What distro is this?

    Its a OTX Version, https://github.com/napalm911/ServerTibia/blob/master/otserv/sources/definitions.h#L29 Probably something from here: https://github.com/mattyx14/otxserver
  5. HalfAway

    TFS 1.X+ compilation OTX

    What OS do you use? You need GCC version equal or higher than 5.X.
  6. HalfAway

    Host small evolution ot

    Go for OVH, you can use one of the VPS packs, cheap and good.
  7. HalfAway

    Happy Birthday to my boy Peroxide!

    Happy b day.
  8. HalfAway

    Feq questions from a newbie in hosting

    About engine, I'd use protocol 7.72 (Just for the option to choose between DX9 and OGL) I would use forgottenserver 1.3 downgrade by Nekiro. https://github.com/nekiro/forgottenserver/tree/7.72-downgrade You will not find a ready to run real map/datapack, but I'm sure you can gather something...
  9. HalfAway

    My friend can log in, i cant(on my own server)

  10. HalfAway

    Im looking for minimun level script. Thanks

    function onLogin(cid) local player = Player(cid) if player:getLevel() < 350 then player:addExperience(getExpForLevel(350) - player:getExperience(), true) end return true end
  11. HalfAway

    error mysql

    The field 'Sender' does not have a default value. Adjust the part that handles the items save, or do a workaround (no idea what Sender affects) set column 'Sender' as default empty.
  12. HalfAway

    Opening ports

    Since you can't access either the website or server with the IP, there is something blocking it. Either in the rotuers interface or firewall.
  13. HalfAway

    error mysql

    Explain more about your error. What does the error message say? Server version?
  14. HalfAway

    Tibia Hack and Slash Project

  15. HalfAway

    Windows Which znoteacc

    ZnoteAAC's tables znote_accounts does not contain the row 'active_email'. Go inside your database and edit the table ´znote_accounts´ and insert this. ALTER TABLE `znote_accounts` ADD `active_email` tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' If you recieve even more errors, I'd suggest you to wipe all...
  16. HalfAway

    User you miss from Otland

    Sorry, I had to break the rule.. @Peroxide, @BeniS, @Damon, @Anevis, @dominique120, @Chris, @Abyss_, @forgee, @Limos. Thats just to name a few.
  17. HalfAway

    Tibia Hack and Slash Project

    Cool, looking forward for more updates.
  18. HalfAway

    Clean House after Server Save

    Are you sure the house contains house tiles? Check with a map editor. Does the same thing occour if you save the server with a GM and then restarts it?
  19. HalfAway

    Znote php_curl

    ZnoteAAC does not handle any row called description in guilds. Either modify the database with phpmyadmin and adjust description to use a default value of blank/nothing. or edit the INSERT query for the guilds. I'd modify the database and set descriptions default value as nothing. Locate the...