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  1. Fresh

    [TFS 1.3] Commands: /restart & /stopRestart - to manual restart server with timer/countdown and broadcast notification to online players

    Commands: /restart and /stopRestart Useful manual restart server command that countdown with timer and broadcast notification (reason of restart + timer) to online players (at bottom of screen). 🎬PREVIEW U S A G E First of all, please add this inside your global variables like somewhere...
  2. Fresh

    Looking for Object Builder that contains ALL THESE FUNCTIONS IN ONE!

    Hello there, dear OTLanders! I'm looking for someone who have any knowledge in Object Builder, specially in compiling it (because in official objectbuilder github tutorial for compiling this beast not working :(). So Im looking for someone who have knowledge in OB. I'm looking for Object...
  3. Fresh

    Weird animated borders problem.

    Hello there OTLanders! I found an weirdo strange bug with animated borders, Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h4R7i0m8j_yij4uNc4aEP8iYyMGq-EwP/view?usp=sharing Description: If I fresh "first start" client and log-in to the game, animated borders (like water on video) are ok (animated...
  4. Fresh

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.3][Modal] The Oracle & The Gatekeeper with Right Click and Choose Window! (Easier and Without Queue)

    Hello! I've made this feature for my abandoned 7.4/7.6 project and want to share it with OTLand community. What is it? It's an feature that allows using NPC The Oracle and The Gatekeeper with many players without staying in queues. Players can just simply right-click (attack) NPC and modal...
  5. Fresh

    Feature [TFS 1.3] CanPassHeightObjects & CanDestroyItemUnderHim - new monsters flag.

    Hello! So.. I've done this feature few months ago for my abandoned 7.6/7.4 project based on TFS 1.3. I'm going to share it with OTLand community. Feel free to use it in any ways, enjoy! :p Preview: If this gif below is not playing, please Click to Watch Video On this video Fire Elemental got...
  6. Fresh

    [OTClient + TFS] Colorize Outfit for certain time duration + simple usage.

    [OTClient + TFS] COLORIZE OUTFIT FOR CERTAIN TIME DURATION Preview: (If image is not loading, please click this link.) About: Requirements: Possible Bugs: Let's copy-and-paste guyzZ: OTClient: Declaring function above (in spoiler), same "place", between void functions :: creature.h...
  7. Fresh

    Object Builder with both Idle Group Animation and Time Between Frame Animation

    Hello there OTLander's! I've searched entire forum in searching for Object Builder which contains BOTH things: Outfit Groups (Idle / Walk) Animation Between Frames (can set-up individual duration between animations frames) Every time I get any topic with Object Builder and download it and use...
  8. Fresh

    Feature [OTHire] PvP Enforced % difference between levels.

    Hello OTLanders! Don't know who still working on OTHire nowadays instead of new TFS 1.X, whatever, I want to release simple feature for this amazing "engine". Special Thanks to @Qbazzz for optimization this. What's this? Let's code! (copy-paste) 1. In player.cpp, search for function...
  9. Fresh

    [TFS 1.0+] (C++ probably) - Time / Light on specific area.

    Hello there dear OTLanders, I wonder if it's possible in Sources or even LUA [1.0+] to get something like: All the entire in-game time is dark (night) on specific area on map (regardless of the passing time in the game and the time of day and night cycle on that area always be night/dark)...
  10. Fresh

    TFS 1.X+ RunOnHealth Monster Behaviour

    Hello there dear OTLanders! Im looking for someone who could handle my request for changing a little bit behaviour of monsters which got RunOnHealth flag. Now the monster behaviour with that flag is: I want to change that to get their behaviour like this: I know that in older versions of...
  11. Fresh

    [TFS 1.0+] Certain NPC ignore queue.

    Hello there~ Anyone would be that helpful to help me with creating an argument to the NPC System like: - If certain NPC have value ex. ignoreQueue all players can speak with him? He just ignoring the queue system Thanks in advance, Have a nice day and whole week, Cheers!
  12. Fresh

    TFS 1.X | GlobalEvent? Change Item if getWorldLight()

    Hello folks! I have a simple one question about in-game time and changing specific itemID to another one when the condition is made. First Question : It's any possibility to make function like this in LUA: setTibianTime to set In-Game Time to specific hours and minutes? ex. setTibianTime(23:00)...
  13. Fresh

    C++ [TFS 1.X] noMove creature stops walking

    Hi, I have a simple function in sources noMove (found at otland) I implemented it in sources. Everything works fine with that until im using it in creature who should stay in place for ex. 6 seconds. explain GIF: Screen capture - 3485f0fee1742f269b68b073f93a279b - Gyazo I want to add somewhere...
  14. Fresh

    C++ Storage in Monster? TFS 1.X

    Hello there! It's possible to bring back add/setStorage and getStorage into monsters? Anyone knows how to add storage to monster in TFS 1.X, since tfs-devs removed it?
  15. Fresh

    TFS 1.X+ NPC Walks through players (NPC ignores Player/Monster when walking)

    delete please. fixed.
  16. Fresh

    TFS 1.X+ Mass Healing effect and heal target in area instead of area effect

    Hello there! Anyone know how I can do Mass Healing Spell (exura gran mas res) checks area and if player/players are inside the area of healing, caster heals the target and effect only show on player not on whole area like in old exura gran mas res? Anyone can prompt? :(
  17. Fresh

    TFS 1.X+ Little question about attack, maybe addEvent?

    Hello there Otlanders! I made an simple attack spell for my monster and I have a question about setNoMove(true/false). Everything is okay. Monster is attacking and stop moving while he is using this spell but i want to do something like this way: "Monster stops for attack -> doing spell -> can...
  18. Fresh

    TFS 1.X | Medusa Stun Beam with AddEvent Warning

    Hello there dear OTLanders! Im looking for someone who can make simple spell for monster Medusa. As everyone knows Medusa have ability to turn someone who is looking straight on her face into stone. It's any possibility to make that spell on TFS 1.X with few addEvents into spell? ( Im weak on...
  19. Fresh

    TFS 1.X+ Anty-Stack Runes - minCount, maxCount in Items.xml attribute?

    Hello there! I have a problem with making that runes on TFS 1.X+ not stackable. I done everything with adding in sources near all functions that can stack runes simple: !item->isRune() but Im stuck at one thing. If player already got ex. 5 runes in EQ (EQ means slots not backpack) and trying to...
  20. Fresh

    TFS 1.X+ If ANY player step on 2 tiles (in any way) item teleports from X,Y,Z to newPosition

    Hello there, I need an simple script for TFS 1.X Description: If ANY player step on 2 tiles (in any way, players can step on Tile1 and Tile2 in different ways) they can not stay on tiles to launch script. To launch the teleport item players must only stay one time on Tile1 and Tile2 (one time...