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  1. Extrodus

    Open Tibia Communities?

    OTLand is a staple in the community, but what other boards do we have out there? What happened to OTFans and TibiaFans, what current community reflects those old school forums we used to spend all day on?
  2. Extrodus

    TFS 1.X+ NPC's not using linked file for values

    Hey there, having some issues with the rune npc's. They are selling runes in different counts then what they are set to in the gen-t-runes-free-s.ndb file. For example, when going to Xodet and "buy great fireball rune" - he will give you a rune with 4x charges, even though the file says 2x...
  3. Extrodus

    Team Huxera 7.7 (Nostalrius)

    If anyone is interested in working with the files Ezzz released on a live server. I am currently hosting Huxera 7.4. We are looking for the following: -Mappers (New Content) -LUA Scripters (New Features) -OTC Client Dev (New Visuals) If you are interested in joining the squad, please contact...
  4. Extrodus

    Compiling Nostalrius RME Error (WX?)

    Hey there guys, trying to compile the Nostalrius map editor but running into some issues. Solved all the linker issues for boost, but now I have "wx" errors. Cannot open include file: 'wx/defs.h': Anyone know what this even is? I've only ever had to install boost and libs, and Compiling...
  5. Extrodus

    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.2/Nostalrius] Updated Vocations.xml Regen Speeds but it doesn't change.

    As the title says, basically I've updated data/XML/vocations.xml to give more health/mana per each time it ticks, but it still gives 1hp/2mana as the original file stated.. which is very weird because this is the file in the server folder.. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <vocations>...
  6. Extrodus

    Getting players to your server?

    So its been awhile since I've been on here, but I was wondering what everyones tactic is to opening a new server and getting players. Right now I am hosting a 7.4-7.7 based on RealOTs/Nostalrius' datapack, I don't want to advertise on other servers, or over bump a thread. But I know OTLand and...
  7. Extrodus

    [USA] [7.72] Huxera Real Map - MIDRATE

    Website: www.teamhux.com IP: teamhux.com Client: 7.72 - (Custom Client is Optional) Staged EXP: 32x - 3x | Skills: 8x | Magic: 4x | Loot: 3x Dedicated Host: Texas, USA Features: -Free Premium & Spells. -Quick Paced Game-Play. -Optional Custom Client with 7.1-7.4 Graphics -Maintaining the 7.7...
  8. Extrodus

    AAC Znote (Change "name" to "id")

    So I've started working on the Nostalrius (RealOTs) release from @Ezzz and have begun converting the Znote AAC to be compatible with the release. However upon my first attempts, I've already run into an error. When I change this line of "login.php" $account = mysql_select_single("SELECT...
  9. Extrodus

    Compiling Compiling Nostalrius V5

    So according to the thread Nostalrius 7.7 (https://otland.net/threads/nostalrius-7-7.262406/) - it notes to follow otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/wiki/Compiling-on-Windows-%28vcpkg%29) or otland/forgottenserver...
  10. Extrodus


    I know it would be alot for mods to manage, but what about even a Premium Member chat box? I'd totally buy premium to be able to chat quickly with people on the forum as I plan to start being active again. Just kind of something I've always wanted for this forum over my 10+ years being here, but...
  11. Extrodus

    Hey there!

    Been awhile, but I've searched all over my profile and can't find a way to change my profile tag (OTList.net Founder) I'm trying to remove it and change it to something more significant considering I no longer host that website. Searched the help section as well and can't find any help. I...
  12. Extrodus

    Free Advertisement on OTList for 10 People

    Hey guys, been awhile since I've been around here but it's glad to be back! I'd like to offer you guys a little reward for my inactivity and my lack of development on OTList.net. So the first 10 Server Owners that message me either on here or OTList will receive free 14 day advertisement on...
  13. Extrodus

    [FRANCE] Solarus Real Map 8.6 |Tons of Features|Fun Events|

    Solarus Real Tibia 8.6 http://solarus.servegame.com The server has been fully tested and is ready for public release. We have worked hard on the server to make it balanced and fun to play. With many ways to earn free Premium Points; any team can strive to be the best without any money being...
  14. Extrodus

    Using Client 10.99/11 on OTX

    Im trying to figure out how to login to the server, but I keep getting a client crash on 10.99 and an error message on 11 saying "unable to find rsa" Click here to view the original post - [10.00/11] OTXServer Full Global Daily Updated! Thanks to anyone who can help me understand the new way...
  15. Extrodus

    Linux 2 IP's - 2 Servers - Same Port - 1 Dedicated Server? [SoYouStart]

    Anyone here use OVH/SoYouStart? I purchased a Failover IP, and Im wondering if theres a way to set it up to have its own series of ports so I can host two servers on the same dedicated server both using port 7171. Any information on this topic would also be greatly appreciated, since I've never...
  16. Extrodus

    Compiling CMakeFiles issues when compiling

    So I am having some issues compiling TFS 1.2 - I have compiled 1.2/1.3 on the system before. Not sure exactly what's causing this. Compiler Error: [email protected]:/home/servers/sources/aragon/src# cmake .. -- cotire 1.6.9 loaded. -- MySQL Include dir: /usr/include/mysql library dir...
  17. Extrodus

    Compiling Which Linux OS is best suited for TFS 1.X

    Currently my Debian 7.10 (Wheezy) (Oldstable) (64bits) is to old to compile the newer TFS, which OS should I be updating too? -Ubuntu Server 16.04 "Xenial Xerus" LTS (64bits) -Debian 8.7 Stable (jessie)
  18. Extrodus

    Lua Operating the Extra Loot Storage

    Havent gotten around to testing yet, but just wanted to ask - we have a storage for extraloot = 123. If I set a player to doPlayerSetStorage(cid, 123, 50) would that increase his find chance by 50%? Script: https://otland.net/threads/mod-random-item-stats.130295/ Thanks for the help :D
  19. Extrodus

    Solved [PHP] Adding Outfit Column to List

    I am trying to add a query from one file, and modify it to be used in another. Both .php files are for the cast system, one has an outfit column and one doesnt. I have modified the table, and have a broken image showing up. When I got to the image it shows the correct link, but no numbers for...
  20. Extrodus

    Lua Unknown Value Error

    Hey there guys, Im having a issue with a script for offline training. For some strange reason, a players storage value randomly becomes completely empty or has a weird characters like "ÊÄ" and when that happens - this script wont function properly/let the player login due to the value not being...