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  1. Togu

    How to change manaGain and healthGain during game

    I was looking on sources where to change theses values but I couldn't find. It looks like these addCondition, updateCondition and setParam are a little hard to understand. Do you guys have some tips? I want to make it based on skills
  2. Togu

    [OTClient] How to add new lua libraries?

    So, I want to create a button on client that download a file from internet, I need the "socket" library for that, I tried using socker = require("socket") on terminal on cliente but received: ERROR: command failed: :1: module 'socket' not found: no module 'socket' no field...
  3. Togu

    How to allowClone / disableKickOnLogin for specific players?

    Is there an easy way to do that? Any suggestion?
  4. Togu

    Shouldn't the map editor create a item.xml file?

    When you save a map it creates a map-spawn.xml and a map-house.xml. Why don't it have a map-item.xml with all action and unique ids? It would be much better for editing and checking. Something like: <?xml version="1.0"?> <items> <item itemid="1748" actionid="2000" uniqueid="0" posx="33124"...
  5. Togu

    fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'bitset': No such file or directory

    git clone latest tfs install all vcpkg libs open visual studio 2017 community set release x64 build 1>------ Build started: Project: theforgottenserver, Configuration: Release x64 ------ 1>otpch.cpp 1>actions.cpp 1>ban.cpp 1>baseevents.cpp 1>bed.cpp 1>chat.cpp 1>combat.cpp 1>condition.cpp...
  6. Togu

    [Brazil] [Custom 10.98] TheForgottenTibia: No-vocations | Skill by Points | RPG-PvP | Season 2 | 01/11/19

    http://theforgottentibia.servegame.com:8080/ SERVER WILL BE OPEN AT 20h ON GMT-3 (Brazilian Time)!!! But test server is already happening! Access website and check it! What makes it different from Tibia / The Forgotten Server 1.3? There are no vocations Everyone starts as a normal human...
  7. Togu

    How to remove duplicate data dependency OTClient / TFS 1.3

    For example: We have modules/gamelib/spells.lua in OTClient with all spells information. And in TheForgottenServer we have data/spells/spells.xml with the same information. If you change on server, you have to manually change on client. How do I remove that duplicated data? I know how to send...
  8. Togu

    Somebody is hacking my database

    So, I'm home hosting a server with Ubuntu 18.04 and there is a guy that is hacking my database and changing his level. I already blocked access to phpmyadmin from IPs that isn't mine and changed the address to enter phpmyadmin page. Is there any other things I can do to prevent the hacking...
  9. Togu

    [OTClient] How to put config and minimap.otmm on clients folder?

    Does someone know how to make the client load (and save) the config.otmm and minimap.otmm file from the client folder? I know I must change things on resourcemanager.cpp, but I'm kind of lost there. I want to remove the dependency of having a folder on the user directory, I want everything to...
  10. Togu

    [Brazil] [Custom / 10.98] The Forgotten Tibia: No-vocations | No training | New skills | RPG-PvP | Season 1 | 04/10/19 What makes it different from Tibia / The Forgotten Server 1.3? There are no vocations Everyone starts as a normal human being with points to be distributed among the skills There is no skill training Each level you advance ou receive points to be distributed...
  11. Togu

    Blockchain and the future

    Good and simply explanation with disruptive examples: A game where virtual cats are valuable because there is a community of people that sees value in it (like baseball cards): https://www.cryptokitties.co/ Goodbye Uber, hello ArcadeCity https://arcade.city/intro Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer...
  12. Togu

    Flutter & Dart - Fast way to develop mobile apps

    I'm learning to use it. Does anybody here use it or has tips? It's very interesting and intuitive making a interface on it cause everything is based on Widgets (like OTClient's interface). Also any mobile app developed with Flutter can be used in iOS and Android. Take a look: flutter/flutter...
  13. Togu

    OTClient and Cast System

    Im thinking on give a try to make that. I've seen that OTClient has lua calls for almost everything, for example, on skill window module: connect(LocalPlayer, { onExperienceChange = onExperienceChange, onLevelChange = onLevelChange, onHealthChange = onHealthChange...
  14. Togu

    OTClient Why is this happening (see gif)? / Setting minimum width to label

    I've made some changes on game_skills module and I'd like to set minimum possible width to a label based on the text of the label. Is there a way to do that? On the gif you can see that when game starts it loads a default width and when I reload the module he sets the minimum possible width...
  15. Togu

    What's the goal of OTLand with OTClient?

    We know that the otland/otclient repository was created because the edubart/otclient repository was out of maintainers. But we also know that the way OTClient was developed it's almost impossible to fix all issues to all protocols. So... what's the goal with this repository? Make a generic...
  16. Togu

    Final thread for fixing OTClient dashing animation issue for TFS 1.3

    I made a super slow motion to show the exactly dashing issue: final - Streamable (https://streamable.com/2xek1) troll going from up to down and comparing with real gif and sprites test - Streamable (https://streamable.com/wmv6e) troll going from right to left Split animated GIF image in frames...
  17. Togu

    Help understanding parsing server/client

    I'm studying TFS 1.3 and OTClient sources to improve my project. And now I need to parse a new information (attack speed) to OTClient. So, till now, what I understood is that the server can send and receive informations or commands (packets) to/from the client. And client can send and receive...
  18. Togu

    The Forgotten Tibia (no vocations, new skills, skills by points, dual wield, auto loot, quiver, etc)

    The Forgotten Tibia https://github.com/GustavoContreiras/TheForgottenTibia The Forgotten Tibia is a free and open-source MMORPG written in C++ and LUA. It is a fork from the The Forgotten Server 1.3 (3b63f65) and OTClient (07b4b78) projects. What makes it different from Tibia / The Forgotten...
  19. Togu

    How to get server's items id?

    Is there an easy way to do that? OTClient's items id are different from tfs' items id. Edit: Gonna try it and then I'll give feedback here haha
  20. Togu

    C++ Understanding the Tibia Engine (many questions)

    I stopped working on my distribution to study other things related to computer science and programming. I've reproduced Tibia in Unity for Android, but without multiplayer network cause on their official forum they say they are working on a new API that will be released probably in 2020 and the...