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  1. kubqq

    New Cipsoft feature - TOURNAMENTS - what do You think?

    Hello. I wanna know yours opinions about new feature in global tibia - TOURNAMENTS. Orginal thread: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=5057&fbegind=25&fbeginm=4&fbeginy=2019&fendd=25&fendm=5&fendy=2019&flist=11111111 You can join to tournaments here...
  2. kubqq


    Hiho. From two days I tried to install aac maker on Linux Ubuntu 16.04. I tried fast install idea from Don Daniello but dosn't works. I tried also do something with Nginx, but after first site and did next step I have first error on website 404 Not Found, and next error 403 Forbidden~ I tried...
  3. kubqq

    Linux Problem with phpmyadmin in Ubuntu and import tfs database.

    Hello. From few days a tried to run my compiled tfs 0.4, complie was good, I did make a file forgottenserver etc. The first problem is connect to phpmyadmin, I have still this when I try to connect in browser: Not Found The requested URL /phpmyadmin was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.18...
  4. kubqq

    Linux Slow Terrible files transfer from my own PC to VPS Linux by WinSCP

    Hello. Have anybody meybe idea how to fix the problem with very very very slow transfer files by WinSCP? I read something about diffrent connection (PC - VPS), I dont have any limit transfer also but really 30-250 KB/s is really not enough. Really - this is really very difficult to do...
  5. kubqq

    Windows What dedicated server can be good for this server?

    Hello. Can somebody tell me, with what prefferences I need a dedicated windows server for Open Tibia Server where can playing 400 players on map with maximum 45-50 mb ? Regards
  6. kubqq

    8.60 - Old Style WAR Server - Do you wanna join to play ?

    Hello. Last time I thinking a lot about make a new server. First What I thinking was Global Server (RL Map / Low stage (exp x1,5 from level 200) / own quests like poi/inq (other own quest needed to that) but I am not sure I know everything to start with big project what is rl map server) Now I...
  7. kubqq

    AAC [MyAAC] Problem with wars.php - Wars Menu on Website

    Hello Everyone, I installed a MyAAC, I read this is AAC Maker on Gesior System, I cant add a menu with wars.php I dont have and I cant find in any version of MyAAC file wars.php so I try to copy wars.php from my last AAC Maker Gesior to new. But I have this error and I can't find any fix...
  8. kubqq

    Is any tutorial how to edit acc maker layout?

    Hello everybody, Until yesterday I looking for anny tutorial how to edit gesior acc maker tibiacom layout. I need make a few boxes on the right side, some new boxes in menu (like community, library) Now I did server info box on main site, but I need to separate this box with box with news. I...
  9. kubqq

    Problem with outfits.xml, cannot add more than two orginal 8.60 tibia outfits

    Hello everyone. Like a thread, I have big problem with file outfits.xml - I want to add Dwarf, Elf, Skullhunter and Cult outfit but everytime working only two. I dont have any errors about outfits.xml in console, I can set Dwarf and Cult or Skullhunter and Cult, or Elf and Dwarf etc. I only...
  10. kubqq

    ***VOTE*** What servers do you like the most? (8.60)

    Hello everybody on OTland. I want to create my open server. Itd my first time with ots making from almost 10years. At first I want make a server with my original own map but I am really scare about this because I think nobody wanna play at this server. So I wanna know on what servers you...
  11. kubqq

    [PL] Veronia Evo Map! 8.54 - 8.57! Start 21.08.2010r 17:00

    Startujemy 21 Sierpnia o godzinie 17:00. Juz mozna zakladac konta i postacie. Uwaga! Kazdy Team Powyzej 30 Osob Na Start Otrzymuje 1000 Pktow! Informacje Ogolne: • IP: Veronia.mine.nu • Website: Veronia - Newsy • Port: 7171 • Client: 8.54 - 8.57 • Swiat PVP(Open PVP) •Exp...