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  1. Peroxide

    Carribbean Island (town/random mountain)

    Hi finally gotten around to releasing this as I'd like to see it finished some day, whoever it may be who finishes it or uses it where it could fit :)
  2. Peroxide


    Figured you art bois would like this
  3. Peroxide

    Real Revamps Showoff

    With the recent influx of people revamping parts of real map I've decided to post a thread for a collective archive. To anyone that revamps anything on real map, feel free to post a picture here :) For anyone who wants to see certain places revamped then just post below Please try to include...
  4. Peroxide

    Fifa 16 Ultimate Team

    Who's playing Fifa 16 this year? Xbox One: NZ Durriez My current squad
  5. Peroxide

    My 10,000th Post

    Title states the obvious, this is my 10,000th post and will most likely be one of my last posts here. I joined here in late 2008 with no intention of doing anything. Soon after I took up mapping, since then that has been pretty much my only involvement in Open Tibia. Helping out various amounts...
  6. Peroxide

    High ping, low upload.

    Been having troubles with my internet lately and have also been in contact with the ISP. They've sent a new router out which fixed nothing. Basically my ping to any website including the routers ISP gateway is at least 9000ms My upload is a mere 38kbps. Anyone know what could be the...
  7. Peroxide

    Does anyone want my account?

    Have stopped playing real tibia and I'm considering giving my account away or selling it for cheap. Account has 158 EK 106 RP 56 ED And a couple of other characters but those are the main ones. Also has about 3 mil on the EK (I gave 1kk to some random kid, so there may only be 2kk) Anyway...
  8. Peroxide

    Vancouver/Kelowna, Canada

    Hey OtLander's, I have recently applied for a working visa for 23 months in Canada (I'll probably only stay a year though). I don't really know anyone on OtLand who lives in either Vancouver or Kelowna, nor the entire country. But If I do get a job there I'll be pretty keen to meet some of you...
  9. Peroxide

    Dragonball Xenoverse

    Anyone else playing this at the moment? Pretty sick game, loved Dragonball as a kid so I felt I had to give it a go Steam Dragonball Xenoverse I'm currently at level 55, focusing on Ki and Health
  10. Peroxide

    [France|Custom] Thanatos OT - The return of an era! LAUNCHED

    Launch Date Wednesday 11th June 8.00am CEST Register Today Server Information Thanatos is a custom server that has a massive rpg feel to it, the map is 100% custom. The server features systems like mining, smelting and a brand new cart system with custom sprites. With dedicated staff...
  11. Peroxide

    Linux Compiling error

    TFS 0.3.6pl1, no idea why it's doing this. Looked around as best as I can and saw one member had the same error and claimed they solved it yet no solution posted. Hoping you guys could help. mv -f .deps/vocation.Tpo .deps/vocation.Po g++ -I/usr/include/libxml2 -I/usr/include/lua5.1...
  12. Peroxide

    [MySQL Error]

    I don't really understand MySql that well so I was hoping some of you may be able to help me in being able to make donator accounts work. [02/06/2014 17:12:17] GM Alex has logged in. [02/06/2014 17:12:17] mysql_real_query(): SELECT `isdonator` FROM `accounts` WHERE `id` = '2' - MYSQL ERROR...
  13. Peroxide

    Stepping down from Global Moderator

    Yes, the time has come I am to leave my Global Moderator position, there are more important things and these past few weeks have been quite slow. Reports were usually handled fairly quickly but I felt alone in my work somewhat. I will continue to browse the forums and post on my Real-map remake...
  14. Peroxide

    [USA] Blazera Real Map 8.6 - Spring Refresh 4.4.14 - Daily Wars & Events

    Welcome to Blazera (Real-Map 8.6 - Spring Refresh!) Blazera is relaunching to adjust it's rate and PvP! With higher rates and the new boss raids, we hope everyone enjoys their share of wars and pvp battles. Hopefully you guys will join Blazera and aid in battle against the numerous new...
  15. Peroxide

    [Playstation 4] Fifa 14 Ultimate Team

    I am looking for people from OtLand to play Fifa 14 Ultimate Team with. http://www.easports.com/fifa/football-club/ultimate-team Players: Peroxide (PSN: Peroxidizzles) Squad:
  16. Peroxide

    South Park: The Stick of Truth

    Well the game is officially releasing in just over 2 hours from now, who else is getting this?
  17. Peroxide

    Peroxide's Real-Map Project

    Real Map shape download: download Latest Minimap As the title states I'm currently reworking Real-Tibia's map, by this I mean I am literally removing almost everything on the main floor, and reworking over it. Everything below the main floor will be removed, but I may use and revamp some...
  18. Peroxide

    Important Announcement about Official Contests!

    Me and @Scarlet Ayleid have both agreed to not host anymore contests, this may not be a permanent thing but as of now people just aren't participating as much. I'm sure @Scarlet Ayleid will add more information on this post about the cancellation of official contests. I simply don't have time...
  19. Peroxide

    [Rust] OtLand @ : 28135

    Connection Information: IP: Port: 28135 Website: ANZAC-Rust.ucoz.net Steam Link
  20. Peroxide

    [Official OtLand Mapping Competition] November - Post Nuclear

    Rules for Voting You may only vote once, anyone found to have used multiple accounts to vote on their favorite piece will have their votes disqualified. (Note this does not disqualify the contestant). If the contestant is discovered to have told other people to vote for him/her, or has voted...