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  1. hehemidu

    [Brazil][9.86] Fenris

    this post made my week :D i will definetly try this out
  2. hehemidu

    [France] [10.98] Rookville - 5th Edition - Starts 20TH MARCH 17:30 GMT+1

    awesome to see this once more :D I'll definetly hop on! recommend everyone to do the same :D
  3. hehemidu

    World of Therran - Discussion Thread

    cool to see this once again :D looking forward to playing it again
  4. hehemidu

    [FRANCE] [CUSTOM] Sands of Time - Open Beta - March 27th

    looks really good, will definetly try this out
  5. hehemidu

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] - September Voting Thread

    congrats to the winner @Andréew, looking forward to seeing new competition :D
  6. hehemidu

    Thanatos - [Custom] - Discussion

    True legends of the site :D with a shout-out to another legend @Damon . Hope to see this server come to live on day. i'll definetly be online from the first to the last minute :D
  7. hehemidu

    Thanatos - [Custom] - Discussion

    omg this team :o <3
  8. hehemidu

    [USA] Chronicles of Legends CUSTOM!! 100% NEW MAP!! 8 NEW CLASS!! FOCUSED ON RPG!!

    Was checking the website and saw u are using sprites from medivia. did you buy these?
  9. hehemidu

    [France][Custom] ArchlightOnline - New Season - December 6th - ArchClient v2.0 - $500 Arena Tournament & More

    Played this since the first era. really amazing to see the way this server has grown into something truly special. will definetly play the new era! :) recommend it to anyone who likes some fast paced , very custom server.
  10. hehemidu

    [France] [10.77] Rookville - 4th Edition - ONLINE (Fixed Domain and New Patch!)

    if you stream please put the link here or on discord, i'll definetly watch it when i get the time ^^
  11. hehemidu

    [France] [10.77] Rookville - 4th Edition - ONLINE (Fixed Domain and New Patch!)

    @Eldin, good to see u back dude :D this server was the bomb. will definetly be trying this out once again! :)
  12. hehemidu

    Guess Who's Back?!?! Lifethread

    gib us more screenshots!! :D
  13. hehemidu

    Background story for Titan Kingdoms

    1 sounds more interesting if it isn't too linear ofc. you should have some linear parts and then in the end make it more open world. for example: linear as in you will have to follow the story untill you meet all races and then more open so people can choose how deep they want to emerge...
  14. hehemidu

    Happy Birthday to me ;)

    Happy birthday bro! :)
  15. hehemidu

    [Sweden] The Lost Kingdom Server (custom client)

    played a bit and so far enjoying it but here already some feedback: starting is a bit confusing as u don't know what to do, also i seem to have missed the bp in the starting zone so was on the mainland without bp :p autoloot seems bugged? when i try to add it, it says that it is already in the...
  16. hehemidu

    [France][Custom] ArchlightOnline - New Season - December 6th - ArchClient v2.0 - $500 Arena Tournament & More

    am I the only one that feels the house contest winner is a bit inapproriate? good that you put a spoiler but still imho that house should not even be looked at for the house contest, no matter how "well decorated" it was. I really admire the work you guys are putting in this, but i think you...
  17. hehemidu

    Gravedigger Thread [ 7.72 ]

    very nice, clean maps. Keep em coming :D
  18. hehemidu

    Siegh's Mapping Showoff (new project)

    dat dungeon looks sexy as f*ck, can't wait to explore its secrets :D
  19. hehemidu

    Fenris - Alternate Tibia Server (A legacy from Thronar)

    Nice :D, will you also be using map pieces from the old thronar map?