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  1. Two Thousand

    Paid Job for Spriter

    Sent you a friend request in discord
  2. Two Thousand

    2k Spriting thread

    No bro. This game is Tibia. you think zezenia is better than tibia? :P ip for this server is zestaria.com.br
  3. Two Thousand

    2k Spriting thread

    Caynez was actually the one who inspired me to start spriting. so comparing me to him makes me feel good :) anyways, nothing wrong with some friendly competition. Today was the official launch of the server I made a few sprites for. Here are some screenshots of people using my outfits!
  4. Two Thousand

    2k Spriting thread

    Actually I wont release anything for free, instead ill make art assets for a brand new game. Im thinking a project similar to zezenia online but better ;)
  5. Two Thousand

    2k Spriting thread

    OTlanders, i come to say I will release my outfits to the public for free. Would you guys want it? would it be good for the community or not? if most of you guys want me to I will. I have a whole new wave of outfits coming ( male cleric, female witch, male archer, male knight) After i finish...
  6. Two Thousand

    2k Spriting thread

    BUMP U M P Hello OTLAND, just wanted to show u guys some of my new work and hopefully get some constructive criticism from you guys. Outfit Adventure boots Draconian armor (not the finished product) I am currently looking for work! So if you like what you see, dont by shy to contact me...
  7. Two Thousand

    2k Spriting thread

    She gets tired sometimes and switches hands ;) But thank you for pointing that out, i may go back and fix this in the future But overall what did you think of the outfit?? @LaggyNoob
  8. Two Thousand

    2k Spriting thread

    Thank you for your feedback!
  9. Two Thousand

    Altivia - art

    Hey altivia i think your Naruto looks pretty solid, that means i can tell what i am looking at right away and its pleasant to look at, but the girl its hard to tell whats going on. I think if you need to work on your perspective a little bit and maybe dont use such dark pixels. good job and keep...
  10. Two Thousand

    2k Spriting thread

    Which one is more appealing ? A. B.
  11. Two Thousand

    2k Spriting thread

    B U M P U M P I see its hard to please the OTland community XD well here is a taste of what the female outfit looks like in game Really guys let me know what you think so i can improve plx. thanks in advanced
  12. Two Thousand

    2k Spriting thread

    BUMP. Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by again, just posting some of my recent works. These sprites below are for Zestaria Brasil Just a small preview of the new update. wont show too much and spoil :p Female/Male outfit Custom BPS (SD BP, GFB BP, UH BP, EXPLO BP, HMM BP) If...
  13. Two Thousand

    Garlonk's stuff

    hey dude i really like the first shield, your sprites remind me of cipsofts, are u the dude who uses 3d models to make sprites??? pretty sweet stuff dude and the mace is dope
  14. Two Thousand

    Cryptocurrencies and Micro Cryptocurrencies

    AI is the future of the world boys.... and girl get used to it. if you refuse this simple fact ^ you need a reality check Baiscally Cryptography is the future of the world if you dont know this by now its not a secret. DARPA is currently building robots that walk, pick them selves over when...
  15. Two Thousand

    Sprites by Saphron

    Hmmm lets see, i havnt tested the update yet but i do have a lvll 100 EK on medivia. i must say.... ank looks fkin awesome. and umm yea some sprites are really bad , a top tier OT server like medivia or should i say tibianic should have better graphics than this XD oh well. the dog in thais is...
  16. Two Thousand

    [France] Voidcore 7.4 - Official Start on Friday - 12.01.18 - 18:00 CET

    hey Okke, not bad server, ive been on it and i see you work really hard on pleasing your players so congratulations for that makes me want to play more and by the way can you give us a preview on the custom outfits u have??? :O
  17. Two Thousand

    Work in progress... Namco's Gallery

    Hey namco the sandals and magic sword are really cool ^-^ i like them
  18. Two Thousand

    [Italy] [7.7] Realots Testserver (oldschool PvP-E mode; 50% exhaust)

    this project looks dope e.e hope u get a nice server up broski, im online now ^_^
  19. Two Thousand

    [France] [7.4] Let's War - OFFLINE

    damn, looks fun, woulda hopped on tonight i see got some players on but i just got into bed :( ill check it out tomorrow
  20. Two Thousand

    [France][Custom] ArchlightOnline - New Season - December 6th - ArchClient v2.0 - $500 Arena Tournament & More

    hey this server is cool for ppl hating on it, its a change for the ppl looking for change, with that being said, Ive been cave botting for the passed 3 days XD which is wat i kinda like about it