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  1. Diarreamental

    tfs 7.6

    Justo becaude you gotta puta a Little effort on it?...
  2. Diarreamental

    Outfit selection

    I would like to have that feature too to make possible sell outfits via shop
  3. Diarreamental

    does anybody have the login.php 12 for Znoteacc?

    Hello as the ttitle says does anybody have the login.php 12 for Znoteacc? 1590772072 I'm using clean znoteacc clean tibia 12 server and clean 12 client i can acces to the char list but not to the game itself i did these steps but it's not working either https://github.com/Znote/ZnoteAAC/issues/382
  4. Diarreamental

    Server is runing but i cant conect to it. - Error downloading - server replied: not found

    i did that ut it's not workig im using clean server and clean website
  5. Diarreamental

    [help] weird error trying to login to tibia 12 server

    Hello guys I know this has been asked before, but i can't ind the solution to my error Im using latest opentibiabr 12.x server (clean) website znoteacc compatible with tibia 12 ( clean too) i installed the nessesary libs and compiled the exe with vckpg i configured both ( config lua from...
  6. Diarreamental

    [7.4] Authentic Real Map - Extracted from TibiCAM files

    How u did? Once I tried to replace map borders sprites in nostalrius with the time and they were looking wrong like the sea tile were being deleted
  7. Diarreamental

    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    at all ... im fixing my house give me few days to put all in place and i'l upload the files working updater skull etc i'got the whole client "fixed" or patched the icons and skull are patched bug is not fixed, it can't be extended. but it's working so
  8. Diarreamental

    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    that's is not a fix at all , the icons and skulls and still bugged nd crashing the client
  9. Diarreamental

    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    You did not reference the libraries
  10. Diarreamental

    Tibia 11+ Downgrade tool

    it's a really useful tool thank you
  11. Diarreamental

    Do you want to make money during quarantine?

    No babe 1589819528 You can search it at Google there are tons of sublime keys for tree 1589819639 It's not true... I'm friend of him but me and him are not the same user
  12. Diarreamental


    With all the free content released that we have today I don't think an old-school server would worth a big ammount of money. Almost everything to make a good old school has been released is just matter of copy paste & and adapt
  13. Diarreamental

    Do you want to make money during quarantine?

    Show the facts then please, not 5 years old kid comic. That's not a fact
  14. Diarreamental

    Do you want to make money during quarantine?

    Dude kaksjajsj ... This is making look you as a kid. it took you almost the whole day to fix this issue, cause you started to doing anything related to the fix.. you we're trying to make an ssh when I told you it would be easier connect via anydesk.. you where stuck on that a lot of time, later...
  15. Diarreamental

    When will TFS 1.4 be released?

  16. Diarreamental

    Looking for Bot custom client 7.6

    pm me
  17. Diarreamental

    [France][7.1] Tibiana is back! - 7 May 16:00 CEST

    it's using otclient v8?
  18. Diarreamental

    Lever bridge Rookgaard Bug help

    im having the same issue im ussing tfs 1.3 downgraded from nekiro im using almost the same script this is my error Lua Script Error: [Action Interface] data/actions/scripts/rook/sewer grate switch.lua:onUse data/actions/scripts/rook/sewer grate switch.lua:77: attempt to index a nil value stack...