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  1. Chris

    pandaac — finding a possible suitor?

    Over the years, there's been numerous attempts at creating what we refer to as automatic account creators (AAC) by so many different people – and I'm no exception. I've tried several times, and failed most times. Not because I don't know how to do it, but because I'm a perfectionist. Back in the...
  2. Chris

    [PHP] pandaac Exporter

    As a developer, working with XML files can often be very cumbersome, especially if they're of a larger size. SimpleXML may work fine for smaller files, or the occasional use, but when you want to parse larger XML files, or at a more frequent basis, it just doesn't cut it and as far as I am...
  3. Chris

    TeamViewer Session - Developing an AAC

    A few people are already aware of the fact that I am developing an open source AAC, known as pandaac. Even though I haven't officially gone public with it, there is already a version of it available on GitHub. The publicly available version is based upon the Laravel 4.2 framework. Laravel 5.0 is...
  4. Chris

    [Netherlands] Faloria 7.4 [BETA IS OVER, THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING]

    The Faloria Beta is now LIVE! You can now visit faloria.eu and register for our open-beta! On the website you can now also find all the information you, as a beta tester, will need to know! Short summery of changes (during beta) Increased experience (30x static) Unlimited runes/ammunition...
  5. Chris

    Selling 6kk on Guardia

    I'm selling 6kk on Guardia for 50 EUR. I only accept payment through PayPal as a gift. If you are doubting my credibility, I am a retired moderator (both on OtLand and OtFans throughout the years, twice on each site, retired all 4 times due to lack of interest and/or a busy schedule) and can...
  6. Chris

    pandaac: The Resurrection

    Hi folks (: I don't even know if people are aware of this, but a few years back, I was planning on creating my own AAC, pandaac. Unfortunately, my interest for anything Tibia-related outgrew me. Quite rapidely at that. However, few days ago, a couple of friends of mine asked me if I'd be up to...
  7. Chris

    Free 2kk Lottery!

    Hi guys. Seeing as I once won a free 1kk lottery hosted by Crunch (Completely Free Lottery! Prize is 1kk on Menera!), I figured the least I could do is return the favour. All of the money is on Guardia, and I figure, rather than doing one lottery with 2kk as the prize, I'd do two lotteries...
  8. Chris

    Happy Birthday Zisly!

    WOOP! Happy birthday dear Zisly! <3
  9. Chris

    [Modern AAC] Signature Injection v3.1.7

    Hey there! The time has come for me to release yet another version of the signature injection. This time, hopefully, with a lot less errors. So lets get to it. Signature Previews When the character is online When the character is offline Requirements Req. 1) PHP GD and possibly...
  10. Chris

    Champions League Quarter/Semifinals

    The draw just rounded up, what do you think? Real Madrid vs. Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea vs. Manchester United Barcelona vs. Shakhtar Donetsk Inter vs. Shalke 04 The winner of Inter/Shalke will face the winner of Chelsea/United in the semifinals. The winner of Barcelona/Shakhtar will...
  11. Chris

    Torres transfer confirmed by Chelsea F.C.

    It is now confirmed by both Liverpool and Chelsea that Fernando Torres has signed for Chelsea. A most brilliant day for all of us Chelsea supporters! Drogba & Torres alongside eachother. Need I say more?
  12. Chris

    [Gesior AAC] Improved Signatures (now with cache!!!)

    Hey guys. I'm certain that some of you are using my old signature script, and some of you may also be aware of the fact that I improved the API a lot and released it in the Web development Resources department. What I did not do, however, is a finished product for Gesiors AAC. Hence, this topic...
  13. Chris

    Twitter combined with OtServList?

    What would you, personally, feel about a site where you could post short notes about the development/status of your server? But also being able to promote the IP, online status and players online of your server while doing so? Some of you may think, why would we want to open a new site? When we...
  14. Chris

    [PHP] Character Signature API

    Some of you may be aware that not that long ago I released a character signature script, and some of you may even be using it. I would like you to stop using it, immediately. I have a new version for you, and even if we put that aside, it was poorly done. Download: GD API © Absolute Mango...
  15. Chris

    [PHP] DaoPay API

    As my old DaoPay API topic in the donor board was bumped the other day I decided to give it a face-lift. This time I will release it for everyone and not just the donors. I am not planning to create a tutorial on the basics of PHP so this tutorial assumes that you have some of that basic PHP...
  16. Chris

    The true meaning of the symbol '<3'

  17. Chris

    Hi :-P

    Hi. Just checking in, hows everyone doing? :-)
  18. Chris

    Creature Looktypes

    Hey there. I'm releasing this script (based upon http://otland.net/f83/monster-looktypes-31774/ by Swij) for the simplicity of finding a certain creature looktype/name. How it works is basically that you write either the looktype of any creature and it will return the name, and if you write the...
  19. Chris

    Guess the member!

    This is an easy game, someone posts a picture, and the next guy is supposed to guess who that picture represents on these boards. You are allowed to give ONE clue / picture. CLUE: A doppy
  20. Chris

    Champions League (FC Barcelona won)

    Hey there! I was just watching the game between Liverpool and Chelsea and was wondering how you guys feel the quarterfinals (for now) will end like? Which 4 teams will go on to the semi? What is your favourite team? etc etc. Here's the current standings, after the first leg of the...