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  1. kubqq

    Programmer [Android-Port] RME Map Editor

    I also wanna pay for this app
  2. kubqq

    New Cipsoft feature - TOURNAMENTS - what do You think?

    Hello. I wanna know yours opinions about new feature in global tibia - TOURNAMENTS. Orginal thread: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=5057&fbegind=25&fbeginm=4&fbeginy=2019&fendd=25&fendm=5&fendy=2019&flist=11111111 You can join to tournaments here...
  3. kubqq

    GESIOR - Webshop (old shop system)

    Ye, I also need that shop, its not possible to find this on otland... Please reupload files
  4. kubqq

    [Tutorial] How to setup The Forgotten Server TFS 1.2 (10.98)

    I think your answer is enough for me. Thanks a lot 😊
  5. kubqq

    [Tutorial] How to setup The Forgotten Server TFS 1.2 (10.98)

    Yea. I dont wanna make ots the same as gunzodus, I wanna have retro outfits on my ot. Otses like realesta, gunz, eloth and more have that outfits. I did read something about ot client but this is totaly other aplication. Few times on this forum I did read also about change spr files from tibia...
  6. kubqq

    [Tutorial] How to setup The Forgotten Server TFS 1.2 (10.98)

    If You Ask about needed tutorial - Yes. I need something to know how to make tfs 1.2 or 1.3(?) with almost all outfits from Real tibia? For example: gunzodus.net ots have a client 11.00 (on website) with a lot of features from Real tibia( example: retro outfits). Also I thinking about hotkeys...
  7. kubqq

    [Tutorial] Domain Name, how to connect it

    I remember times 7years ago when I did that without any problem. I said only about on this forum we dont have any step by step tutorial about that. I think otland is also for new people who wanna make first own server. I think when we have more tutorials about all from how to setup config in xml...
  8. kubqq

    [Tutorial] Domain Name, how to connect it

    A lot about connect to website, not t much about connect with server
  9. kubqq

    [Tutorial] Domain Name, how to connect it

    Video expired. I need some tips to buy and install my own domain like .net or .com on my website and server. Do You have any tutorial for that? I dont wanna trying by myself because I dont wanna make any Bugs hah 😅
  10. kubqq


    Hiho. From two days I tried to install aac maker on Linux Ubuntu 16.04. I tried fast install idea from Don Daniello but dosn't works. I tried also do something with Nginx, but after first site and did next step I have first error on website 404 Not Found, and next error 403 Forbidden~ I tried...
  11. kubqq

    Linux Website Unreachable

    I have the same problem, I think we cannot get any answer about that ;)
  12. kubqq

    Linux Help installing Gesior AAC

    what the fuck on this forum, a lot of threads with answer "contact pm" and nothing more here....
  13. kubqq

    Linux Problem with phpmyadmin in Ubuntu and import tfs database.

    Problem solved: This is fix and worked for me. I write here, meybe somebody will have the same problems as me. apt-get install phpmyadmin ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin/ /var/www/html/ service mysql restart systemctl reload mysql Now I looking for some tutorial how to export my full...
  14. kubqq

    Linux Problem with phpmyadmin in Ubuntu and import tfs database.

    Hello. From few days a tried to run my compiled tfs 0.4, complie was good, I did make a file forgottenserver etc. The first problem is connect to phpmyadmin, I have still this when I try to connect in browser: Not Found The requested URL /phpmyadmin was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.18...
  15. kubqq

    Linux Slow Terrible files transfer from my own PC to VPS Linux by WinSCP

    Hello. Have anybody meybe idea how to fix the problem with very very very slow transfer files by WinSCP? I read something about diffrent connection (PC - VPS), I dont have any limit transfer also but really 30-250 KB/s is really not enough. Really - this is really very difficult to do...
  16. kubqq

    Windows What dedicated server can be good for this server?

    Hello. Can somebody tell me, with what prefferences I need a dedicated windows server for Open Tibia Server where can playing 400 players on map with maximum 45-50 mb ? Regards
  17. kubqq

    8.60 - Old Style WAR Server - Do you wanna join to play ?

    Hello. Last time I thinking a lot about make a new server. First What I thinking was Global Server (RL Map / Low stage (exp x1,5 from level 200) / own quests like poi/inq (other own quest needed to that) but I am not sure I know everything to start with big project what is rl map server) Now I...
  18. kubqq

    AAC [MyAAC] Problem with wars.php - Wars Menu on Website

    Hello @slawkens , I saw your post yesterday but I can check that and answer after work ;d @topic: I thinking you told about wars.php yes? I change this and this look like that: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Guild' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\index.php(355) : eval()'d code:35 Stack...
  19. kubqq

    Is any tutorial how to edit acc maker layout?

    Thanks a lot guys, Thanks @Klonera for information about clean hiatory in browser to show changes on AAC. thanks also @Sun about more information how to lern a HTML and css code and for example script for Top5 players.
  20. kubqq

    AAC [MyAAC] Problem with wars.php - Wars Menu on Website

    Hello Everyone, I installed a MyAAC, I read this is AAC Maker on Gesior System, I cant add a menu with wars.php I dont have and I cant find in any version of MyAAC file wars.php so I try to copy wars.php from my last AAC Maker Gesior to new. But I have this error and I can't find any fix...